How to Keep Your Home Clean With a Pet

While pets always add joy and affection to any home, they also come with a whole lot of hair and dirt potential. Keeping your home clean when you have a pet means taking extra measures other than your usual cleaning routine (but it’s always worth it to keep your furry friend!). 

Here’s how to best keep your home clean when you have a pet: 

Have a Designated Cleaning Station 

It’s a good idea to set up a cleaning station for your pet right by the door, especially if you have a dog that comes back with muddy paws after a long walk. Have everything you need right by the door, such as towels and wipes, so that you can make sure your pet is clean before they move through the rest of the house. 

Keep on Top of Your Pet’s Grooming 

Keeping your home clean can be done through keeping your pet itself well-groomed. Especially for longer-haired animals, regular grooming means you eliminate excess hair and dirt build up in your home. 

Use Pleasant Scents 

Pets can smell, after all, no matter how hard you try to eliminate bad odors. It’s a good idea to kit your home out with pleasant scents, such as air fresheners, diffusers, scented candles or incense oils. Anything to mask any pet odors which you don’t particularly care for. 

Opt for a Deep Clean 

Over time, your home may need a proper deep clean to give it a refresh following a build-up of pet hair and dirt. This is particularly true for upholstery and carpets. If you tend to have your pet on the chair or couch with you, then it’s a good idea to employ an upholstery steam cleaning every once in a while to keep everything fresh. 

Vacuum Every Single Day (Even Twice a Day)

Pet hair easily builds up, so make it easier to manage by staying on top of it on a daily basis, especially if you have thick carpet. Get into a routine of having a quick vacuum every day, and make sure you invest in a vacuum cleaner which is great for tackling pet hair. 

Limit Where Your Pet Can Go 

If you want to contain potential pet mess to one room of the home, then have a clear system of where your pet is allowed to go. Perhaps it isn’t allowed in the bedroom or only on the bottom floor of the house. The less your pet can wander, the less hair and potential dirt it will be spreading. 

It’s a good idea to introduce this system as soon as possible when training your pet, so that it knows from the get-go where it’s allowed to go — and where it isn’t. 

Outfit Your Pet 

You may want to get your pet some extra items, such as a raincoat, for bad weather. This can be helpful for rain and mud splatter, as there will then be less on your pet when you take it’s protective coat off, and you can easily wash this separately. 

Follow these tips, and you’ll always be able to maintain a happy and clean home for both you and your pet!