How to Make an Artificial Christmas Tree Look Real

In many ways, it’s tough to beat a real Christmas tree in terms of authentic looks. The ease of setup and reusability of artificial trees on the market today, however, makes them much more practical for many people. Who wants to hassle with the intricacies associated with disposing of an entire evergreen each year? Still, our modern trees might feel too much like an ersatz replacement for the real deal. If you can’t help but feel a little unsatisfied, here’s how to make an artificial Christmas tree look real.

Fluff the Branches

A small detail that goes a long way, fluffing the branches is relatively simple. As you put each major branch cluster onto the frame, take some time to pull each individual branch apart so that they face in random, but evenly distributed, directions. It’ll give a more organic vibe overall than the matted scarcity you might have if you overlook this step.

Cover the Bottom

Picture this: You look at the shining star at the top and then move your eyes down over the tree’s ornate sides. Just as you’re about to let out a breath of satisfaction, there it is—that ugly plastic base. Don’t let those molded prongs ruin the whole image. Think of the tree like you would a well-put-together outfit. If the shoes at the bottom look bad, the whole thing is ruined no matter how well you coordinate the other pieces. Likewise, you need to pay attention to the base by clothing it in a nice skirt. With a pleasing cover and no exposed rectangular projections, the tree will appear much closer to a real one.

Fill It Out

Although it might seem counterintuitive, drawing attention to the decorations can up the authenticity of the tree. Fill out the branches and ward off drabness with colorful ornaments in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Add in pinecones for some accents that call back to nature. Finally, choose beautiful Christmas lights to serve as the finishing accompaniment to the whole ensemble. Viewers will be so captivated by how you festooned your tree that its material composition won’t matter.

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