How to Make Sure Your Bag Doesn’t Give You Health Problems

Most women prefer to carry a bag or purse around, and they can definitely come in handy. How often do you find your partner or kids asking you to carry something for them in your bag when you go out, after all? However, carrying a lot of weight in a shoulder bag on the same shoulder can have some negative health effects, especially as it tends to be something we do for years at a time, and often while we’re walking. Having one shoulder bearing weight and also positioning itself to stop the bag slipping off can cause imbalances in your muscles, and these can lead to long term postural defects. When your posture is affected by muscular imbalances like these, it can lead to health problems and pain all over the body, even in places you may not expect like the hip and jaw, as well as in the shoulders, neck and back themselves.

So, with that in mind, how can you keep on using bags while avoiding these problems, or improve things if you are already experiencing pain that may be down to your bag?

Choose Bags with Different Strap Options

One way you can alleviate issues from carrying a shoulder bag is to vary how you carry it, and so it is a good idea to choose bags that have detachable shoulder straps that can be lengthened and adjusted to wear across the body or over the shoulder, and also have handles that you can carry in either hand. Plenty of bags have these design features, including many of the bags in the collections by big name designers, including Saint Laurent. Cheaper bags from fast fashion stores may not take this kind of thing into account, but luxury designers tend to give you options. Take a look at the collection of Saint Laurent bags and those from other top name designers at reputable online store SSENSE for inspiration. 

Don’t Carry too Much

Reducing the weight in your bag is another way you can make it healthier to use. If you tend to be someone who packs a lot of stuff in their bag and then just leaves it there, then you can probably reduce weight for most trips out by just thinking about removing the stuff you won’t need. While you may want some spare make-up and a hairbrush in your bag if you’re going to work or for a night out, you can probably leave these at home if you’re just going to the store. 

Hold Your Bag While Standing

If you have to stand still for a while, for instance in a queue, take your bag off your shoulder and hold it in your hand. This will stop you spending long periods of time in an unnatural posture while you support your bag.

These are a few things to consider when you are using your bags that can help you to avoid experiencing muscle pain.