How to Organise Your Walk-In Closet

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We all have had those mornings when you just can’t seem to decide on an outfit of the day. This is even worse when you have just missed your alarm and you are struggling to catch up with time so you don’t get to the office late. You can easily avoid such situations by ensuring that your closet is in order at all times. Make your walk-in closet organisation as easy as abcd with these few tips.

Start by Decluttering

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Most of us have those pieces in our closets that we hardly ever use. You find yourself folding it back even though you haven’t worn out for over a year or even more. Some of these pieces do not fit anymore or they are just not your style anymore. This time, make it a point to remove any of such pieces. They keep filling up your space and causing disorganization yet they are useless to you. 

You can either donate them to goodwill or organise a yard sale, just make sure they are gone. If you are having trouble letting go, then you probably have a hoarding problem and you should seek help before it gets worse.

Add More Storage

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After you are done purging, it is now time to work on creating more space for what you have decided to keep. Decluttering in itself means more space, but if you are the kind who has a million and one outfits, then you will need more storage space anyway. You can build more shelves in your closet or use other storage options which include woven baskets and cabinet drawers. 

You can also ask your mould supplier to provide you with plastic boxes to maximize storage in your walk-in closet. You can also create more hanging space and use hangers to arrange your outfits in order. More space in your closet means that almost every piece will be within reach, and you will not have to go digging inside for an outfit that is hidden.

Separate Season’s Clothing

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Avoid putting everything together in your walk-in closet. There are pieces that you use more often than others and those should always be within reach. Those that you mostly use for special occasions or during certain seasons should be separate from your everyday wear. You can use your comforter bags to store your winter clothing away just as summer sets in. This will give you an easier time to access what you actually need. You can also separate different clothing pieces; avoid mixing up dresses and trousers together. All these methods are aimed at making your closet experience worthwhile.

Do Not Forget Jewelry

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Jewelry pieces tend to scatter all over the place if they are not well organized. You can either use drawers to arrange them or invest in a jewelry safe to properly store them—separate different jewelry pieces to prevent them from getting all tangled up. Try separating an earring that is caught up in a necklace; you will understand what I am talking about. You can also look for jewelry stands to place your most-used jewelry pieces.

Do Not Forget the Shoes

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Most of us arrange our clothes and forget the shoes. Get yourself a spacious shoe rack to organise your shoes in the order that works for you. You can also arrange them according to the type of shoe; high heels separate from sneakers and so on. Another arrangement idea is setting out your shoes according to their color. This will make it easier for you to choose a shoe that matches your outfit of the day. 

Light It Up


In addition to making your space look more appealing and lively, light in your closet will also help you locate items when you need them. Imagine walking into a closet that is dark and you can hardly find anything, that’s quite depressing. You can also put up a mirror to make your space look bigger and you can also use it for dressing up. Touch it up with 5730 leds for better illumination. 


Make your walk-in closet your little hideaway where you can even relax with a cup of coffee in the evening when you are escaping the chaos from the rest of the house. You can even add a single wing chair and a small coffee table to maximize comfort. If you need help organizing your closet, you can always look for professional home improvement experts to help you through the whole process. You can adopt the same organizational techniques for the rest of your home. Say no to living in a messy house.

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