How To Plan a Celebration of Life Service for Your Loved One

How To Plan a Celebration of Life Service for Your Loved One

Moving on after the passing of those close to us can be difficult, to say the least. Let us help you through the process with some inspiring ideas for how to plan a celebration of life for your loved one. We hope they can guide you in finding the best way to celebrate those who’ve moved on so you can say goodbye in a meaningful way.

Hold the Service Outdoors

If you’re thinking about how to plan a celebration service for your loved one, we suggest starting with where you plan to it. And when you think about the cathartic power of being surrounded by the sounds and beauty of nature, holding your ceremony outside is worth considering.

Doing things this way will allow you to enjoy a lovely, serene backdrop of flowers, shrubbery, and the warm ambiance that nature provides as you remember your loved one. You can hold your service in a garden, park, courtyard, or any other place you choose, so long as it brings you comfort as you say your goodbyes.

Share Meaningful Memories

Celebration of life ceremonies are opportunities to share meaningful and happy memories of the deceased. So, although it might be difficult, setting some time aside for everyone to share their favorite stories and anecdotes about your loved one can be a powerful form of remembrance. You can do this more casually, such as by sharing a drink with your loved ones and taking turns recounting your favorite things about the deceased.

You can also take a more formal approach and have those who wish to speak stand at the front of the service and share. The important thing is to choose what feels most comfortable for you. Either way, setting aside time to talk about the things you loved most about the deceased is a wonderful way to celebrate the life of your loved one.

Set Aside Time for Remembrance Quotes

Just as sharing your favorite memories is a beautiful form of celebration, so is finding some time in the service to share poems or remembrance quotes that bring the best qualities of your loved one to mind. So, if you or anyone else attending the service has any memorable quotes, verses, or poems they’d like to share during the ceremony, take a moment to do so.

Say Goodbye With a Symbolic Gesture

Finally, finding a symbolic way of letting your loved ones go can help you send them off as you move into the next chapter of your life. There are many unique ways to do this, such as the beloved balloon release or sending floating lanterns out onto the water.

And if you’re loved one was cremated, you could take the service to their favorite spot and spread their ashes. Whichever direction you choose to go, performing a symbolic gesture like this can help you celebrate your loved one’s life while also helping you get the closure you need.

No matter how you choose to plan your service, the most important thing is to find a powerful way to celebrate your loved one. Doing something special to honor them will help you remember the best parts about them and send them off in a meaningful way.