How To Prep Your Fishing Gear for Spring

How To Prep Your Fishing Gear for Spring

Hopefully, the snowfall will come to a halt sooner or later, and you can break out the fishing supplies again. Knowing how to prep your fishing gear for spring can give you a head start before the first lovely weekend comes.

Take Inventory

After a grueling winter, it’s easy to forget what you have on hand. Taking an inventory highlights anything you need before the season hits full gear. Now is an excellent time to clean anything you plan on keeping and put it back in the tackle box.

At this time, you will know what work you have in front of you and whether you need to make your own flies or buy them from a store. Plus, you’ll want to replace broken fillet knives, pliers, and other fishing gear. You don’t want to be in a situation where your blade or hook is too dull, ruining your fishing excursion.

Inspect Rods

Clean fishing rods using a mild soap-and-water solution. Examine it for cracks or signs of wear. Modern versions have advanced materials that perform well and are durable. Although neglecting them may cause you to throw them out with the rest of your old rods. Pay close attention to each rod eyelet since excessive tension and friction will compromise the casting.

Sift Through Your Tackle Box

Your tackle box keeps things handy and orderly, but all that stuff in one place tends to jumble. It also has an unpleasant tendency of gathering unexplained muck. Empty the tackle box and clean it with soft soaps or as the manufacturer suggests. A yearly deep clean is ideal.

Dry thoroughly, and grease hinges sparingly. Finally, you may assess whether rearrangement can increase your ability in the water.  Consider frequently moving used things, especially ones that tend to hide, to a more accessible area before shifting tackle. Then, start putting items back inside and call it a day.

Clean Reels

Cleaning your reels as specified by the manufacturer typically doesn’t necessitate dismantling them. Use lubricant only as directed because too much will accumulate dirt and filth, causing issues later.

With the reel cared for, it’s time to shift your focus to your line. Sun, moisture, and other environmental factors affect the line’s durability. Consult the manufacturer’s specs and spool on new supplies often.

The last item on your list of how to prep your fishing gear for spring is mapping out this year’s plans based on maps from past trips. Having the maps, details, and photographs of your best times gives you a solid foundation to start the year.