How To Prepare Your Car or Truck for Summer

How To Prepare Your Car or Truck for Summer

The winter ice is melting away, and with it comes the blooming flowers of spring, followed by the sizzling heat of summer. If you don’t conduct proper maintenance, your car or truck could falter in the summer heat. Learn how to prepare your car or truck for summer with our quick guide.

Check and Clean the Undercarriage

After a winter dealing with road salt, sand, snow, ice, dirt, and grime, your vehicle’s undercarriage is probably worse for wear. Road salt and sand can contribute to early corrosion, so before starting any long summer road trips, peek at the undercarriage to make sure everything looks good.

Take your vehicle to a car wash and get an undercarriage power wash. Or, if you have a ramp and a power washer, you can do it yourself at home.

Wash and Wax the Exterior

Winter isn’t just tough on your car’s undercarriage but the exterior and paint job. Road salt and dirt can fade your vehicle’s paint, so scrub it clean and get it looking ready for the new season!

Once it’s clean, consider waxing your vehicle. Wax offers a protective sealant against many of the everyday things that can damage your car’s paint, and it’ll make your vehicle shine brighter under the hot summer sun!

Replace or Fill Tires

If you put winter tires on your car or truck, you don’t want to be driving on them when the temperatures climb. Winter can eat away at your tire’s tread, so check them and consider getting new ones if they’re looking a little bare. Remember that temperature changes also mean changes in tire pressure, so check them regularly if you’re driving in an area with rapid temperature fluctuations.

Inspect Battery and Fluids

Winters are notorious for draining car batteries, so make sure yours still has plenty of juice left before starting the summer season. Also, check that there’s no white corrosive buildup. If there is some corrosion, you should clean your battery with a toothbrush and a mixture of baking soda and water.

While you’re at it, inspect your vehicle’s fluids. The last thing you need in the summer is a dry radiator! Also, consider switching to a heavier weight oil for the summer months for better performance in your car or truck.

Test the AC

You don’t want to find out your vehicle’s air conditioning isn’t working on the first scorcher of the summer! Take a few minutes to test your car’s AC in the spring to ensure it works properly and doesn’t just blow lukewarm air. You’ll need it for the summer!

Now that you know how to prepare your car or truck for summer, where will you take it first? A road trip to see some family? Will you visit some old friends? No matter where you go, you’ll have the assurance that your car or truck will be ready for the sweltering heat!

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