How to Protect Your Devices on Vacation

It’s always a bit nerve-wracking bringing your devices on vacation with you. Phones are easier because they are always by your side, but if you’re carrying larger devices the nerves start to set in. Will your laptop be okay in your hotel room, for example? How can you better protect your devices from pickpockets and bag snatchers when out and about in the town? 

The first thing you need to remember is that the chances of being robbed when you have taken the right measures ahead of time are fairly similar to what they are at home. The only difference is that you are not familiar with the turf. 

With this guide you’ll know how to be confident and protect your devices on vacation, no matter where that may be. 

Keep Your Phone Around Your Neck 

The best way to keep track of your phone and keep it conveniently accessible for the next time you need to check the map (again) is to keep it around your neck. offers crossbody phone cases just for this purpose, and because it’s around your neck or body, you can walk around with confidence that it won’t be swiped out of your pocket or bag. You can even hide it easily behind your coat so that you still have easy access while making your phone the smallest target possible. 

Invest in Day Packs with Hidden Zippers 

The bag you use and bring with you on vacation should have hidden zippers. These essentials mean you need to dig through the overlapping fabric to find the streamlined zipper pull before you can open it. For you, sitting down or stopping to open your bag, means it won’t be a big deal. For someone trying to sneakily open your bag and steal your belongings while you are walking around unawares, though, it will be a nightmare. 

How to Waterproof Your Devices 

If you are going to a beach during your trip, you want to be very careful with your belongings. Sand, salt, and water is a nightmare for electronics. You can, however, waterproof them. There are even phone cases that will allow you to take your phone underwater for a few feet. 

Turn on Location-Finding Features 

Your phone and most electronic gadgets will have location-finding features. If not, there are GPS trackers you can buy and add to your belongings to keep track of them. This doesn’t help if something was stolen, as most police are uninterested in retrieving stolen goods under $5,000 in value, but if you lose something, you can easily backtrack to where it is. 

Get Travel Insurance 

Always get travel insurance when you are on vacation. Not only will it cover medical costs, but it will also cover items that are stolen and even potentially damaged, depending on the circumstances. Just remember to actually go through what the insurance company would need from you in these situations. For example, if something expensive was stolen, you will want to file a police report to send to the insurance company. 

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