How To Protect Your Ears and Hearing Health

How To Protect Your Ears and Hearing Health

People must learn how to maintain their bodies so that they remain healthy well into old age. One area of health that’s terribly important but often overlooked is hearing health. People are quick to abuse their ears with loud music, cotton swabs, and excess moisture. Read this article to learn how to protect your ears and hearing health.

Turn Down the Volume

Far too many people today risk their hearing health by listening to loud music. The use of audio devices such as headphones put young ears in danger of permanent damage. It’s recommended that people follow the 60-60 rule, which states that you listen to music through headphones at 60 percent volume for no more than 60 minutes a day. People who like loud music should consider the differences between ambient and noise-canceling sound to understand the effects headphones have on their hearing.

Stop Using Cotton Swabs

Another vital piece of advice for protecting your ears and hearing health is to eliminate cotton swabs. People use these tools to clean wax from their ear canals, but doing so is a mistake. Your ears are naturally self-cleaning organs. Wax is necessary because it stops harmful particles such as dust from entering the inner ear. Also, inserting something into your ear canal could damage the eardrum.

Keep Your Ears Dry

Too much moisture in the ear can give bacteria the opportunity to attack the ear canal. This can lead to swimmer’s ear as well as other ear infections, all of which can damage one’s hearing abilities. After you swim or bathe, make sure to gently towel-dry your ears. People who feel water stuck in their ear can tilt their heads and lightly tug at their earlobe. This will coax out the water.


Surprisingly enough, exercise is good for the ears. Running, cycling, or walking gets blood pumping all throughout the body, including a person’s ears. Exercise keeps a body’s internal organs working properly—just make sure you’re careful. If you get a concussion while riding your bike, that could damage your ears. Always wear a helmet when you do potentially dangerous cardio activities.

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