How To Protect Your Hair Color This Winter

How To Protect Your Hair Color This Winter

After necessarily going lighter for the summer, the holiday season is a terrific time to experiment with different hair colors. From rich chocolate browns to radiant reds, there are so many deep hues to try out around the holidays. Now that you’re free from the summer sun and the chlorine of the public pool, you may think the hazards to your hair color have receded with the season. But as it turns out, winter weather provides its own set of challenges for maintaining your hair color. Here’s how to protect your hair color this winter.

Use Color-Preserving Shampoos

Nothing is permanent in this world, and that extends even to so-called permanent hair dye. Color-preserving shampoos are a useful line of defense against inevitable fading and discoloration. These formulations have gentler detergents that won’t strip as much dye from your hair. Furthermore, try to wash your hair with shampoo only once every three days. This allows your hair to produce natural oils and take care of itself in the meantime.

Wash With Cold Water

Anyone who has ever done laundry on a hot-water cycle knows that heat and detergents together can strip some color out of fabric. The same holds true for your hair. As tempting as it may be to luxuriate in some hot showers this winter, you do so at the peril of fading your dyed locks. Keep the hot water to a minimum this winter for the sake of your hair—hey, maybe you’ll save the planet, too.

Wear a Hat Outside

While bitter cold winds themselves won’t sweep your color away, they will make your hair feel dry, damaged, and in dire need of shampoo and a hot shower. This is precisely what we want to avoid. Keeping your hair covered while the weather is hostile will preserve your hair a bit. Don’t forget to give your roots a spritz of hair spray to boost their body and fight against the scourge known as hat hair.

Treat Yourself

Most winter hair colors are about experimentation. But if you’ve really come to love your chosen hue, consider making it last with a hair gloss treatment at your salon. Glosses coat your hair strands and cuticles with a layer of sheen, which can extend the life of your hair color up to four weeks and keep your hair looking as healthy as ever. Glosses also give your hair added heft, which can keep your hair from going maverick with those pesky flyaways. Glosses are available as in-salon treatments or as home products, making it an easy way to protect your hair color this winter.

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