How To Protect Your Property From Nosey Neighbors

How To Protect Your Property From Nosey Neighbors

While your fence is excellent for keeping things in and unwanted guests out, it doesn’t prevent prying eyes from peering into your property. There’s nothing wrong with wanting privacy, and you certainly deserve it. If you’re looking to add a little more seclusion to your home, here’s how to protect your property from nosey neighbors.

Privacy Screens

The best way to give your home an added boost of privacy is to install privacy screens! Privacy screens have a dense mesh that allows continuous airflow while keeping unwanted eyes at bay. In addition, you don’t have to install privacy screens throughout your home. Instead, you can have them installed in specific places, panels, or gaps that people tend to look through. If you don’t want privacy all the time, retractable screens allow you to control when your home is open to the outside world.

Add Some Greenery

Trees and tall shrubs are great for adding privacy while keeping your backyard beautiful. In addition, tall greenery is great for blocking out unwanted noise and nosey neighbors. Large shrubs like arborvitae, elderberry, and ninebark are dense greens that go above your fence line. Like a privacy screen, you can plant these in concentrated areas instead of spending the extra money to install them around your property’s perimeter.

Decorative Dividers

A more affordable and customizable option is screen dividers. Screen dividers come in several shapes and materials, such as wood, metal, and decorative fabric. Place them around your patio furniture or pool, even if you already have shrubs or privacy screens installed.

You can even make your own dividers out of pipes, fabric, hanging beads, and more! Your dividers don’t necessarily have to block out every inch of view. They just need to obscure the vision of unwanted guests.

Now that you know these three simple ways to protect your property from nosey neighbors, you can keep your home looking as beautiful and stylish as ever while ensuring the privacy of you and your loved ones. So, start adding a little more privacy to your home today, whether you’re a gardener, a DIYer, or someone who wants the job done fast!