How To Protect Your Smartphone

How To Protect Your Smartphone

Your smartphone is indispensable, keeping you in touch with others while bringing the world to you with the touch of a finger. But being intricate electronic devices, smart phones are subject to a multitude of issues and dangers from the environment, thieves, and even other devices. Keep your smartphone intact, safe, and interference-free. Here are several tips on how to protect your smartphone and ensure it keeps communicating!

Keep It From Being Stolen and Exploited

Smartphones are prime targets for thieves seeking to pick up the latest model via a five-fingered discount or who want to use the private information stored on your phone. The simplest way to keep it out of the bad guys’ hands, naturally, is to keep it close and never leave it unattended, even for a second, but you should take other steps to protect it as well. Make sure the screen locks and can only be opened with a difficult-to-decode password. Add an app to find your phone and prepare to use the erase function to clear your data if it’s clearly been stolen. Report the theft to the police and your bank and credit card companies to start the process of contesting any potential fraudulent charges or the like and protect your credit rating.

Protect It from Hackers

When using public WiFi, be careful about what you do and what you share. Someone could always be watching and listening. Avoid entering passwords, credit card numbers, and other personal information when on a public network. Shut down the public system’s access and use the connection offered by your service provider. If you don’t have virtual private network (VPN) software, download an app for an extra layer of protection when you’re out and about. Overall, keep your operating system up to date because new patches and fixes are always available to deal with the latest security issues. Also, keep an eye on the apps you download or leave running. They could offer hackers a way into your phone.

Avoid EMI

When considering how to protect your smartphone, don’t forget the issue of electromagnetic interference (EMI). EMI is signal interference that can interfere with your phone’s proper functioning through static, disruption of service, data destruction, or more permanent physical damage. EMI can come from other electronic or electric devices, as well as the sun, lighting, and other celestial sources. Your smartphone’s interior already contains EMI shielding to prevent outside signals from interfering with service and to stop the phone’s own signals from doing the same to outside devices. There’s not much you can do to protect your phone from sun and weather EMI, but you can reduce the interference from other electronic devices by shutting them down or keeping the phone away from them.

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