How To Remodel Your Rental as a Tenant

How To Remodel Your Rental as a Tenant

Adding your personality to a rental home or apartment can be a challenge, whether you’re newly living on your own or have been for years. Landlords have many rules that dictate what you can and can’t do in the space, making it difficult for you to put your stamp on it and call it home. Knowing how to remodel your rental as a tenant in a way that won’t make your landlord angry or break your lease can make you feel more at home in a rental property.

More Storage!

One of the biggest problems with rental properties is generally the lack of storage in the kitchen and bathroom areas. Solve this by adding a new cabinet for the dishes that complement the space that you do have. Owned furniture doesn’t make a difference to your landlord so long as it doesn’t damage the property. Another clever way around the lack of storage can be removable hooks on the wall for utensils or pans. Just make sure not to put anything too heavy or fragile on removable hooks!

As for the bathroom, try to find storage that can fit either on your sink counter or on top of your toilet. For small bathrooms, it’s important to utilize all of the space to the best of your ability. Rental properties don’t always include a bathroom closet, so you may have to make space in another area of your home for bathroom essentials and towels. If this is the case for you, invest in closet dividers or over-the-door organizers or hooks.

Small Wall Decorations

Landlords will typically have a clause in the lease about how big of a hole you can put in the wall (that is, if you can even put a hole in the wall at all). In many instances, the ruling won’t allow you to hang much on the wall. If this is the case, hang many small things up with removable hooks that won’t damage the walls. Removable hooks that you can buy from the store will typically have a maximum weight that they can hold, so be wary of that limit. If pictures or art aren’t your things, try hanging fairy lights on the walls to liven up the room.

Customize the Furniture You Own

If all of the furniture in your rented property is your own, then try customizing it to make it pop with the theme that you’ve been given in your rental. This might mean reupholstering fabric furniture, like chairs or couches. If you don’t want to do it yourself, take it to a professional who can perfect it to fit your image.

You can also try your hand at painting your own furniture. If you have secondhand pieces that differ in color, this would be a good opportunity to make them all match—at least in color.

Keep in mind when wondering how to remodel your rental as a tenant that you can always ask your landlord if you’re able to do something. It could raise their property’s resale value in the future!

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