How to Save Money by Investing in Efficient Water Technologies 

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Water bills and water consumption, in general, take a significant toll on our home budgets. If you also have hard water in your home as most Americans do, your yearly expenses can go through the roof with plumbing and appliances’ repairs and replacements. Water efficiency is a must, mainly because it contributes to our national water conservation efforts. Luckily, modern technologies are here to help. It is true that to save money, in the long run, you have to invest some cash upfront, but the good news is you will get fast and comfortable returns.

WaterSense Appliances

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, the WaterSense program is quite efficient in the United States. Changing your water-using appliances with devices and fixtures with Energy Star certifications and carrying the WaterSense label, you can save 20% more water, about $400 in water bills, and around $1,000 in energy bills annually. 

Replacing old fridges, washing machines, dishwashers, and other kitchen and bathroom equipment with WaterSense new appliances may seem costly at first. However, there is an undeniable positive environmental impact in such action, not to mention the money you save in the long run on utility expenses, appliance maintenance and repairs, and so on. 

Alkaline Water Filters

If you buy bottled alkaline water for your family’s health and wellbeing, you know you spend a lot of money for the comfort you can have in your own home. Modern and efficient alkaline water filters on the market today not only ionize your water, but they also clean it of impurities, sediment, contaminants, and so on. They feature platinum/titanium plates, adjustable pH water levels, and plenty of hi-tech specs. 

Just as you save money on groceries with a meal plan, you should consider saving money on drinking alkaline (and mineral) water as well. Ionizing machines are now state-of-the-art devices you can blend in your modern kitchen and use every day. They need little to no maintenance, are affordable, generate a significant rate of returns, and fit in nicely on the counter or under the sink. 

The benefits of alkaline water for people with acid reflux, hypertension, diabetes, and other health problems are tremendous. However, instead of adding to the plastic pollution burden, you can install an alkaline water machine in your kitchen and enjoy clean and healthy drinking water every day. 

Water Descalers / Softeners

Hard water is a common problem in 8 out of 10 American households. If you are tired of cleaning up limescale from your surfaces, imagine what hard water does to your plumbing, pipes, appliances, water heaters, and so on. 

When it comes to hard water, the solution is a water softener. However, since many communities restrict these devices’ uses because of their negative environmental impact (and some health concerns regarding drinking softened water), water descalers are your next best choice.

According to experts, a water descaler can save you up to $1,000 a year in water, heating, and electricity bills. Moreover, you don’t have to spend huge sums on chemical cleaning products to remove limescale. You will also enjoy spending less water, detergents, and energy when washing clothes, dishes, and surfaces. You also extend the lifespan of all your appliances, plumbing, and heaters. 

Through this article by water filter spot, you will have a good idea how to install a water softener.

Low-Flow Fixtures

When it comes to saving water and the money associated with its consumption, few things beat low-flow bathroom and kitchen fixtures. As water efficiency provisions go, you should install low-flow showerheads, low-flow and double-flow toilet bowls, low-flow kitchen faucets, and so on. Such (not so new) fixtures and appliances can save tens of gallons of water a year and hundreds of dollars in bills. When compared to conventional installations, low-flow ones can save up to 20% water resources. 

The E.P.A. says that a single low-flow faucet that reduces water flow about 30% can save a home 700 gallons of water a year. If you are mindful of the environment and your money, you will quickly understand why such investments are worth every cent. 

In large homes with large families, such revamp and redesign projects can cost plenty of money upfront, but can save your family’s budget in the long term.

Water Filter Pitchers

Small, affordable, slick, and efficient water filter pitchers remove entirely the need to buy plastic bottled water. A pitcher featuring reverse osmosis filtration also mineralizes your water, delivering you mineral water with a push of a button. Modern and efficient pitchers can replace hundreds if not thousands of plastic water bottles, saving thus the environment and your money.

We spend enormous sums on bottled water, and we do not even recycle them properly. The popular pitchers, with carbon filtration or reverse osmosis tech attached to them, provide you with safe water to drink at a fraction of the price you pay on bottled water. 

How are you saving money on water bills and general water consumption in your everyday life? Do you use other devices and technologies to enjoy safe, clean water, smaller bills, energy efficiency, and an eco-friendly lifestyle?