How to Settle Back at Work After Lockdown

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Most governments for this year are trying to lift the pandemic restrictions, and going back to work is one of them. People now know better how to deal with the pandemic, and returning to the office will need employers to implement changes in the workplace. However, as the employees, you need to know how best to prepare to settle back at work comfortably. Although you may feel the concern and anxiety of having to go back to work. There are some things you can do to stay safe while at work and settle down faster. Below are some ways that can help you settle back at work after lockdown. 

Safeguard your hygiene 

It is worth having a personal plan to protect you and your colleagues even though your employer puts measures in place. Hygiene measures that are encouraged everywhere still apply even as you settle back at work. For instance, washing your hands often, especially if you share office equipment, touch door handles, visit the bathroom, among others. Have an antibacterial gel with you to help you clean your surfaces. For instance, your desk, keyboard, monitor, and others need cleaning regularly. It is best to do it every time you leave and return to the building. Plus, a sanitizer comes in handy when you do not have water to wash your hands. 

Request to work from home if possible 

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This is another way to settle back at work if your boss is open to the idea. If there is an option to do so, jump at the opportunity and stay at the home office. Plus, if your job has a large workforce, it may mean you have to work from home for another extended period to avoid the office building returning to full capacity. If you have to go through a phased approach, where you go in for certain days in a week. It will help you to adjust back to the new routine. All in all, talk to your HR about any concerns that you might be having. 

Carry your lunch

At the office, there are communal things from a shared refrigerator to the communal cutlery. The employer should be able to offer guidance in this area, and if not, take matters into your own hands and consider your lunch preparations. Where possible, bring your plate, cup, and cutlery to work. If you bring your lunch to the office, invest in a cool bag to avoid sharing another surface, for you will not need to use the office fridge. 

Avoid crowded areas on your commute

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If you are not using private means to get to work. You need to be careful as you use public transport as they are always full of crowds. Although, in public transport, it may be a challenge to maintain social distance. Thus, you can request your employer to stagger the start of the working day. In this way, you will avoid commuting at hours with full crowds. Where you can, use alternative means where you cycle or walk to work. Not only will it help you keep off crowds, but it will be a part of your fitness regime. 

Maintain social distancing at work

To put social distancing measures at work is not hard, especially if your employer is on the lead. For instance, your desk should be much further from each other in communal offices. Plus, ensure you maintain your distance when you are in shared places like canteens, kitchens, and bathrooms. Wear protective gear when using the elevator, and where possible, take the stairs, which is a great way to stay active

Invest in your protective kit

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Despite how the society around you handles the pandemic, you can opt to invest in a personal protective kit as you settle back at work. Even when it is not a societal norm, it is to keep you safe. For instance, get yourself an antibacterial hand gel, face mask, wet wipes, tissues, and surgical gloves. This will come in handy both at work and as you also partake in public transport. If you cannot get a medical mask, you can have a scarf, that you use as an alternative.

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