How to Smooth Away Wrinkles with Botox Treatments in Winnipeg


People say that every wrinkle is an experience that you have survived in your life. It’s actually just a nice way to say that they are faithful companions to the aging process. And in a society that (still) has unrealistic ideals of beauty, being (looking) old is unacceptable. That’s why ladies (and more and more men) decide to undergo various treatments in order to extend their youth for, at least, several years.

Botox is this ‘elixir youth.’ Proof that this treatment is effective is its use in corrective facial treatments for almost half a century. In the hands of a professional, this compound is a real magic wand for making wrinkles disappear; laymen doing these treatments can make a catastrophe on your face. 

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Few Words about Botox

When an educated doctor injects small doses of Botox into specific muscles, it prevents their excessive contraction. This reduces fine wrinkles and prevents the emergence of new lines where they are usually most pronounced. People could start with the treatments preventively; already at the beginning of the fourth decade of life. Although many ladies use it in later years, with equal success.

Botox is produced by the pharmacological processing of extremely toxic bacteria. For the medical and cosmetic industry, a low concentrated toxin is used as a therapy in many diseases, but also as an integral part of anti-age treatments and preparations.

Treatment Procedure

In the treatment of rejuvenation, most cosmetic experts from Winnipeg use botox, whose professional name is botulinum toxin A, as an injection. They inject a small amount of poison into specific spots on the face where the effect of straining is desired. Usually, these spots are angles of the lips, the T zone, and the outer corners of the eyes. Because of facial mimes and moves, first wrinkles appear in these places.

It acts on the nerve endings in the muscles. Their role is to contract and relax the muscles when needed, i.e., when our brain sends signals for reaction according to our emotions (smile, cry, grump, etc). Botox blocks the functioning of these nerves, so the muscles remain firm.

The Effects

The effect of the toxin starts to weaken after a few hours when the first results can already be noticed. Facial muscles where doctors inject botox are slightly paralyzed. As the skin reflects the movements of the muscles beneath it, by blocking the work of specific muscles, small wrinkles disappear of the face surface. After several treatments, even deep-cut lines are significantly corrected.

The effects of Botox for the face are temporary, up to several months. The speed of application and results are the most significant advantage of these treatments. It takes about two or three minutes per single dose.

Another great thing about Botox rejuvenation is that this treatment doesn’t require much time for recovery. After a few hours, you can return to your regular activities. The procedure is not as complicated as some other cosmetic treatments. Also, we must point out that prices have become competitive and affordable.

Is This Treatment Safe?


An educated dermatologist for Botox in Winnipeg should do these treatments, under controlled conditions using sterilized equipment. In small doses used in the treatment of wrinkles and other facial irregularities, this chemical won’t have a harmful effect even in the long term if you trust your face to expert.

During the injection, there may be more discomfort than pain, which depends on individual pain tolerance. Upon completion of the treatment, if done correctly, the patient shouldn’t have any troubles. Since Botox affects nerve endings, people with diagnosed neuro-muscular diseases should avoid these treatments. Also, it is not recommended to smooth wrinkles while pregnant or nursing.

Complications happen very rarely. Patients may notice tiny bruisers at the place of the sting (broken capillaries). You can hide them with make-up; they usually pass within a few days. However, if you notice unusual swellings or droopy eyelid, contact the doctor. In a small number of cases, most often due to the improper use of the Botox, damage to the facial muscles can occur.

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