How To Stay Fashionable And Unique When Wearing Scrubs

group of young hospital workers in scrubs

You may think that all hospital scrubs have the same design. But did you know that there’s a way to step up your fashion game with scrubs?

Taking the right approach, you can make your scrubs look pretty trendy. No matter what your personal preferences or desired styles are, below are some of the ways in which you can stay unique and fashionable while wearing scrubs:

  • Pick A Complementary Fit

Hospital scrubs come in many styles and fits. You can find discount and designer scrub sets at specialty scrub stores or any shop that sells them. If your preferred scrubs aren’t available locally, you can easily purchase them online, and likely for a cheaper price.

When shopping around for scrubs, you can try all kinds to see which one suits you best, from an open collar to a V-neck. Choose something that fits your body type. For example, gathered, ruffled and smock tops look great on slim women.

However, take note that style is only one piece of the picture. Ensure that your chosen scrubs fit properly. Baggy scrubs could get in the way, and make it hard for you to do your work. Very tight scrubs can be uncomfortable, and you mightn’t be able to make necessary movements as easily.

A proper fit will allow you to feel confident and look your best. Another thing to consider in terms of fit is that not everyone has long legs, and several scrub bottoms don’t seem to care. So, it’s essential to get bottoms fixed if they’re too long, since they’ll just drag on the ground and trip you up. Plus, stains and dirt on the cuffs of your pants aren’t attractive.

  • Select High-Quality Scrubs

You can choose the right fit and size, but if your scrubs are poorly made from rough or flimsy fabric, they won’t look flattering once you put them on. Search for a flexible yet sturdy material that can move with you and follow your frame. You should also ensure that the pockets, seams and any extra features lie flat, as they can detract from your overall look.

  • Choose Colors That Work For You

Nobody looks great in every color of the rainbow. To dress better, it’s crucial to know which color flatters your hair and skin. Some facilities have a particular color code. If you don’t, you can use your natural skin tone to figure out which color to wear.

If your skin has a yellowish or greenish undertone and you have a warm complexion, colors such as magenta, turquoise, olive green, red, orange, and yellow will look great on you.

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If your skin has a bluish undertone and you have a cool complexion, you should choose bright pink, deep purple, emerald, ruby red, and bright blue.

Regardless of your skin color and complexion, you can’t go wrong with neutral colors such as brown, tan, black, gray, cream and white.

  • Experiment With Prints And Colors

Once you know which colors flatter your complexion, you can experiment with new combinations. For example, monochromatic outfits make your frame look slimmer and longer, particularly if they’re a dark color, but they can be a bit boring. To shake up your preferred style, you could pair a bottom and top of two different colors, assuming that they match well. Examples include deep purple and ruby red, or coral and navy blue.

If you’d like to add more variety to your look, explore and experiment with other printed scrub tops in the market. A pair of solid bottoms can be transformed into various outfits with a printed scrub top.

  • Accessorize

One way to curate a cute scrub outfit is through the use of accessories. You may want your ensemble to still be comfortable and practical; this doesn’t mean that you can’t add some flair.

If you’re not sure how to accessorize hospital scrubs, start with your watch. Not only will it provide your outfit with character, but it can help you stay on track during your busy day. It’s always a good idea to go for a water-resistant option, so that you can sanitize it without worrying about breaking it. Also, try to look for a watch that displays the day, as it may come in handy when talking to patients or when you need to enter medical data.

You should consider wearing simple earrings like studs. You can also wear a necklace, but opt for styles that can be tucked into your shirt if necessary.

Hair accessories can make you more fashionable with scrubs. Depending on your preferences, adding another accessory such as a unique lanyard to show your hospital badge can make a real difference.

  • Consider Layering

Several scrubs are thin, which can leave you feeling cold throughout your shift. Layering your outfit is a great way to stay warm, but it may also help you to look stylish.

Most healthcare professionals prefer wearing a solid long-sleeve shirt underneath their tops. You could also consider wearing a simple T-shirt, which will offer you medium warmth and won’t make you uncomfortable.

If you’re a physician or working in another position that requires wearing a lab coat, it’s another good opportunity to layer. Whether you opt for a scrub jacket, basic T-shirt or a long-sleeve shirt, match the color of your scrubs; or, you can choose a complementing, neutral hue to avoid outfits that make you look too busy.

  • Leave A Personal Touch On Your Scrubs

No matter where you purchased your medical scrubs, there’s no reason not to put your unique stamp on them. Even if this idea may seem familiar to several other institutions, you could get your name embroidered on the chest for a striking look. You could also have your initials or nickname on the sleeve.

For a solid color top, you can use any kind of pin to break the monotony. It doesn’t matter if your pins have nothing to do with your profession – as long as they match your unique personality. Think of various ways to personalize your scrubs. Just ensure that your ideas aren’t against the specific rules of your workplace.

Bottom Line

If you feel unfashionable and frumpy in your scrubs, don’t give up. From accessorizing to layering and experimenting with the colors and prints, there’s always something new you can try to look fashionable while wearing scrubs. Keep the above tips in mind, and you’ll be able to achieve a look that’ll set you apart from others.

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