How Wide-Format Printers Benefit Graphic Designers

Image of a wide-format printer turning out a large and colorful print of a drawing of flowers and leaves.

If you want to grow as an artist and designer, you should consider investing in tools that take you to the next level. Stay ahead of the curve by learning how to best use wide-format printers in your work. Standard printers are perfectly fine for correspondence, samples, and other tasks, but for oversized and breathtaking prints, choose a wide-format printer. Here’s how wide-format printers benefit graphic designers and improve prospects while showing off designs.

Enhanced Creative Possibilities

Are you feeling confined by standard-sized printouts? Wide-format printers reveal a whole new world of creative possibilities. Wide-format printers help you produce posters, banners, blown-up photos, and other larger art, advertising, and marketing pieces. Oversized prints make bigger, brighter, and bolder statements, grab the viewer’s attention, and give you a bigger canvas. Your creativity will acquire new levels of inspiration with a wide-format printer.

Better Print Quality

When you upgrade to a wide-format printer, the quality of your work and final prints will improve noticeably. Designs appear with greater detail and sharper colors, lending an even more professional veneer to your designs. Clients and customers seek professionalism and polish, and wide-format printers deliver both. And when you own your own wide-format printer, you have a final look at your projects, allowing you to make quick adjustments to the quality and look of a piece.

Greater Versatility

Another thing wide-format printers have over standard printers is versatility. Wide-format printers use paper, yes, but they also produce prints on vinyl, fabric, canvas, decal and sticker materials, and other media. Wide-format printers let you experiment with different media, sizes, and techniques. This makes you more desirable to clients seeking a designer who produces the signage, advertisements, merchandise, and other printed items they’re looking for.

Save Time and Money

Eliminating the middleman by producing prints on your own means time and cost savings. Not having to outsource printing cuts costs not just in production but also in packing, shipping, handling, and labor. Wide-format printers are fast and multifaceted, and some can even run two jobs at once, helping you meet deadlines. They offer an edge over companies and other designers without access to wide-format printers. In fact, you might even supplement your income by renting out print time on your printer to others.

That’s how wide-format printers benefit graphic designers. Join some of the many industries out there already employing wide-format printers in their daily business, and get a leg up on the competition!