I Wish Someone Told Me This Before Taking a Gap Year

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Finishing high school and going straight to college is a factor that many people look forward to. Usually, this means new experiences, making new friends choosing what you want to study for a great career. For others, the transition between high school and college isn’t always that seamless, and the last thing they want to replace one course with another immediately. If this is you, you might consider taking a gap year to rediscover yourself. However, let you know what you are getting into below are things I wish someone told me before taking a gap year

1. You Need A Plan

One of the main disadvantages of taking a gap year before college is many people end up wasting time instead of doing something useful. Often, many people assume that a gap year is merely sleeping and catching up with missed sleep you had through high school. As much as that is exciting, a few months will get frustrated and wonder what you need to do with your time. Bur to avoid a scenario where you feel your gap year is wasting precious opportunities, make sure you plan your time accordingly. 

2. Be Ready For The Lows 

Often school structure is set in a way many people are unable to know themselves, precisely their wishes and desires. For this reason, many people feel lost when they finish school and hence need to rediscover themselves.  As you will not have anyone dictating what you will do with your time, expect to hit lows. Usually, you will find yourself craving the structure provided in a school environment and wonder if you made the right choice taking a gap year before college. When this happens, don’t panic but aim to power through it to fully rediscover who you are. 

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3. Money Matters 

Having finished your high school education means that you are technically an adult. Often, this translates to being broke as many parents and guardians stop giving their children pocket money and expect them to work. Thus, expect to feel the pressure of earning money.  Additionally, you will soon realize you need money for everyday basics and traveling. If you are serious about taking a break, find a way of supplementing your income for a great time. 

4. The Pressure To Do More 

The primary reason why you should take a gap year is to take a break from the everyday stresses of life. At first, you will have a lull where you want to sleep and do nothing. Later on, however, you will revamp your schedule and decide to travel more, do more internships, and add more to your to-do list. Even though this is normal, often people go overboard trying to prove they didn’t do anything the full year, and it was a valuable break.  Expect to feel anxious that you aren’t doing enough and comparing yourself to your peers. 

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5. Don’t Cramp Your Schedule

As a result of the pressure which this gap comes with, you might feel like doing more and hence end up feeling more accomplished at the end of the break. This is why many people add more gap year programs to their schedule. Unfortunately, many make the mistakes of adding so much that they don’t have any room to breathe. If possible, schedule in downtime and allow yourself time to enjoy the present. Doing so will enable you to avoid breaking down both physically and emotionally. 


Based on how you use your gap year, you can have both positive and negative repercussions. If you are sure about taking the break, be ready for the ups and downs that you have to face. For many, however, taking a gap year isn’t necessary, especially if you are doing so because of the added workload. As the workload will still be there after your hiatus, why not look at other options like to pay someone to do your homework. That way, you can reduce your course work pressure while still advancing your career.