Importance of Texting Services For a Business

Are you tired of having to text all of your employees one-by-one? Would you like to reach out to more of your customers in a convenient and accessible way? Communication is one of the key ingredients in running a well-oiled company. To get your messages across any time, anywhere, and to anyone, subscribing to a texting service for business, is now a must. Here are some benefits of using this service to boost your company engagement with your employees and clients:

Benefits of texting service for employees

According to research, 80% of professionals use text messaging for business. Furthermore, 70% of those who took part in the study expressed that they prefer this mode as the primary form of interoffice communication. 

When it comes to communication, you should err on the side of over-announcing memos. One missed notification could lead to an avalanche of delays in deliverables or an absence in a crucial meeting. Sometimes, sending an email is not enough since people are not always online. Many employees have a policy of not opening their work communication tools when not on the clock. If there is an emergency meeting happening the next day or if there is a sudden change in the details of an event, having a texting service will come in handy to keep everyone on the loop and on the same page.  

Benefits of a texting service for customers 

Based on 2019 statistics, an average person receives thirteen promotional emails in a day. In all likelihood, your marketing emails would often go straight to customers’ spam folders since there are just too many of them. It is either that, or they would be left unopened or instantly deleted to reduce the number of emails they have to go through. In a fast-paced world, reading business updates, even if they are about the hottest deals, is considered taxing by many customers. Be honest, you have sent a lot of promotional emails to your delete folders too. 

Text messages, on the other hand, catch the interest of many. Sending short messages about your latest promotion can get their attention more than any newspaper advertising or promotional email can.

Texting service features to look for 

When investing in a business text service, it would be extra helpful if your potential provider offers features like advanced scheduling and personalized messages. To keep your overhead cost down, a text service that offers 5-9 cents per credit is already a good deal. You can also opt to get a monthly subscription, which will allow you to send a mass text to thousands of customers with just a click of a button. Many of these options should only cost you less than $10 a month – an awesome price for a very convenient service.

If you are new to getting a texting service for business, you can start by maximizing the trial period that many providers offer. It will allow you to know how fast and reliable the provider is when it comes to sending messages.

To build a business that engages both employees and customers, frequent sending of messages is a must. Text messaging is by far the best mode of communication if you want your messages to be read promptly. With the advent of technology, there are now mass texting service providers who can make messaging tasks easy for you. 

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