Interesting Ways to Lead a Greener Lifestyle

Planet earth is a beautiful and important place, full of wonders that deserve protection. Earth is, quite literally, the only home we have, and it is home to over 7 billion people just like you. Therefore, if you have been thinking about how you can play your part in helping your planet, then leading a green lifestyle is the way forward, and this is how you can do it. 

Stop Driving

One of the most impactful ways you can work to help protect this incredible planet that you live on is to try and phase out driving. Whether you drive to commute to work, to get to university, or just for convenience, there is one simple fact that you have to understand: Cars are killing the environment. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways that you can avoid the damage that daily driving does.

Public Transport. Public transport is an effective way to avoid the damage that your car deals to the environment, by transporting dozens or even hundreds of people at once, these forms of transport reduce the impact to the environment drastically. They are a good solution if you absolutely have to commute long distances, but there is a better way when you aren’t going far.

Cycling/Walking. Traveling without using any kind of polluting transport is ideal, and that means walking, cycling, or any self-driven transport is the way to go. If you can roller skate your way down to the office every day, then that would be so much better for the environment than driving instead.

Change Up Your Food

Another unbelievably massive force that is driving the destruction of environments and the pollution of the atmosphere is mass farming. Whether crops, animals, or crops to feed animals, the impact of mass farming is far more devastating than you know. In fact, mass farming can be traced to some of the worst atrocities committed against the environment, which is why you should consider these ways to reduce your impact on the environment through your food.

Grow Your Own. By taking the time and effort to grow your own fruit and veggies, using seeds from stores like Health Force, you can largely depend on yourself for your healthy eating needs and reduce the impact you are having on the environment. Plus, since you are growing foods on a smaller scale, your food is likely to be subject to far fewer preservatives, making it healthier too.

Eat Less Meat. Animal farming is by far the worst kind of food production due to the sheer amount of land and pollution that farmed animals produce. The amount of land given over to the production of farm animals for food is almost as ghastly as the terrible impact they have on the environment through pollution.

Change to Dairy Alternatives. Because of the amount of beef and dairy products consumed in today’s society, cows account for a third of all emissions from agriculture, which is an incredibly damaging amount of pollution. 

Dairy is, without a doubt, one of the reasons for this unbelievably damaging figure, which means that finding alternatives to dairy products is another useful way to cut down on the dreadful impact that cows have on the environment. There are a plethora of potential substitutes for every kind of dairy product, so have a look around and see what you like.

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