Interior Design Trends That Stand the Test of Time

Interior Design Trends That Stand the Test of Time

Can a living space contain a unique duality? A feeling of classic comfort and cutting-edge contentment at the same time? We believe so. A variety of design elements of the past still endure today, while other design trends are clearly outdated—and yes, we’re looking at you, shag carpets in the bathroom.

Let’s take a closer look at the leading interior design trends that stand the test of time. These trends fulfill ultimate value in the long haul, as they can adapt and reinvent themselves as the years pass. Consider implementing them into your home’s design for ideal simplicity, function, and balance.

A Focus On Focal Points: Fireplaces

Electronic fireplaces are more modern revelations, but the idea of having instant access to a heating source traces back to prehistoric days. As one of the interior design trends that stands the test of time, a fireplace is a prime addition to any home. It not only anchors a room, but also provides an instant blank canvas for décor and design.

Fireplaces offer numerous elements of mid-century modern but can work with any contemporary or eclectic style. Either way, these focal point structures draw people in for conversations and gatherings. That notion of togetherness will never fade away.

A Display of Antiques and Mementos

Timeless spaces embrace galleries of objects and displays of art. You can create an ageless feeling within a home with a curated collection that evokes character and intrigue. Consider incorporating treasured keepsakes from the past and adding charming items from the present.

A Shift Towards Sustainability: Going Green

The sustainability movement may not have emerged until the last decade, but the use of quality products has always helped a home feel classically authentic. Think about reusing and repurposing materials or furniture to create a unique, personalized object for function or décor. Green design is an integral pillar of interiors that’s here to stay—one that will build a lasting style for generations to come.

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