It’s Vata Season: How is Your Blood Supply?

By Geeta Chopra

It’s Vata season! 

As I discussed in a previous article; data is dry and cold.  In vata season, it’s important to stay warm and moist.  This is especially true for people with the vata constitution, such as myself!  Another important thing to consider for vata season is your blood level. 

I am not just referring to circulation, but I am pointing out a healthy blood supply.  Some people, especially women have lower amounts of blood.  Blood is the foundation of your body’s life source.  Plain and simple – the less blood you have – the colder you will be in winter.  Women tend to feel colder then men typically; and this is due to menstruation.

Why is this important?  

In Chinese medicine, an overwhelmingly large amount of imbalances in the
body stem from blood stasis.  This is exactly what it sounds like –
stagnant or insufficient blood.  Females tend to exhibit this problem more
due to monthly menstruation. 

Since blood is the foundation of your survival, when it runs on low supply, all of your organs will suffer, and any ailment you have becomes more deeply felt.  Blood is the nourishment of your life system.  It carries all of the vitamins and minerals to different
parts of your body through your blood stream once the digestive process is
complete.  If there is low blood supply, you can be certain that your
organs aren’t functioning at full capacity. 

Blood is the fabric of your body that keeps all the parts woven together.   It not only carries nutrients to vitalize your entire body; it brings oxygen to all your cells
and organs.  You need an ample amount of fresh clean blood to do this.
Iron assists in the production of red blood carrying oxygen from
your lungs to the rest of your body through hemoglobin.  If you don’t have
enough hemoglobin, you can’t make more red blood cells.  Just by increasing
your red blood cell count, a plethora of diseases could be solved within 30
days.  Your GI doctor will never tell you this.  Their conclusive feedback
on iron is to avoid it because it causes constipation.  The benefits of
iron should not be underestimated.   Red blood cell production is essential
for any disease, this alone can boost the body’s natural immune function
and allow it to do what it does to heal itself naturally.  When you
nourish an internal wound with fresh blood it heals faster.  This is why
circulation is imperative.  When blood is stuck in one part of the body,
the rest of the body gets neglected.  Vitamin B12 take-in conjunction with
iron promotes red blood cell formation and circulation.  Exercise and yoga
also promote healthy circulation. 

For women especially, I recommend looking into iron intake, regardless if your GI claims your bloodwork is normal.  Get a pulse reading to determine if you have blood stasis.  Any Chinese doctor can read your pulse to determine exactly how your blood is flowing – or not!   This is a limitation in western medicine, as it is more generalized. Beet juice is a fabulous staple to include in winter.  Juice 1 raw beet per day for folate, nitrates, iron, and vitamin C.  Russian borscht soup is another great balancer of blood.  Google a recipe for borsch and eat it once a week.  Eat foods that are rich in red pigmentation.  And remember – nothing cold!  Make sure your beet juice is room temperature.   Your iron and blood levels will improve tremendously!

Happy Healing!  Stay tuned for my next Vata season tip!

Geeta Chopra is the television host of ‘The Geeta Chopra Show.’  She is a health and wellness coach who helps people heal from their root. She has authored two books, and gives talks on the subject matter.  The approach she uses is influenced by Ayurveda and Chinese medicine. 

She has a Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Toronto and a Master’s degree from George Washington University. She is also the owner of a real estate development company. Follow her on YouTube to watch her latest TV episodes on various natural healing modalities including gut health, pranayama, the mind-body connection, organ detoxification, rejuvenation, and much more. Her book, “To Every Gastroenterologist in America: What You Didn’t Learn and Med School and to Every Patient Who Becomes Their Victim,” is laun