Jonah Engler Tips on Commercial Real Estate for Investors


Investing in commercial real estate can offer a high return in future. This field is rewarding, but there is stiff competition. One needs to spend money wisely if they want to attract people towards their commercial real estate.

The real estate sector is booming, so it is a great time to invest. Due to the hike in the employment rate, skilled population and number of established industries, one can invest in commercial real estate and rent it out to people. It might look daunting initially, but if you do proper research, then it will become easy for you. 

Jonah Engler Commercial Real Estate Investment Tips 

  1. Quality: If there are two buildings in the same locality, then you need to compare the quality before renting. The building that has better quality will attract more tenants and will provide the investor with high return, capital appreciation and tenant retention. 

The buildings will have different types of certifications like platinum rating or gold rating, so look for the ones that have more elevators, beautiful lobbies, better views and high ceiling. If you opt for a property of high quality, then you can quickly sell it. 

  1. Supply versus Demand: Before you are thinking of investing in any commercial real estate property, you need to analyze the supply and demand. In every city, one can find different types of micro-market. One can also see the annual demand, which is published by the brokers daily. 

For example, when the annual supply for the upcoming three years is more than the historical demand, then the prices of the rent will come down. Any disproportion in the supply can affect old and new buildings. 

With new buildings, the tenants will have more options in their hand because there are several properties available in the market. If you have any old building, then you will have to negotiate the rent along with escalation clauses. 

  1. Security Deposition: When you will invest in the commercial properties, you are eligible to get the security deposit of at least a year. If your tenant is offering you a security deposit for half a year, then it indicates that that person is going to stay in your property for short term or is having issues related to cash flow. If you rent it to any startups, then there will be a small deposit. 
  2. Diversification: Diversification helps in reducing the risk, particularly for commercial real estate. If a person is investing all the possessed funds into buying one property, then it is exposing that person towards higher risk. 

When the tenant will leave the place, and the rent flow will stop, then you will have to pay the property taxes, maintenance payment etc. When you have multiple properties in your hand, then it will reduce this variance of income. 

  • Tenants: If you keep the property in the hands of a decent tenant, then it will automatically increase the commercial property value. Try to have a multinational tenant and avoid unknown companies or small companies. 

If your tenant is good, then they will pay the rent in a timely manner, give a higher deposit and will stay longer in that property which will increase the overall property value. 

  • Property Management: If you are a new investor, then you will have to take help from a professional. They will help you to get tenants of high quality who will move into the property quickly and will be at that place for the long term. 
  • Infrastructure Development: One will have to visit the website of the local council to check out all the infrastructure development, which are currently ongoing in that place or any upcoming project. 

You will have to analyze all the projects that are planned on that location or area as it will help in shaping your project properly—the elements and approach of the geographical region help in determining the rental yield and capital appreciation. 

If you go to an advanced or highly developed area, then you will quickly get tenants, but if you invest in underdeveloped sites, then only a few people will be there. 

  • Building Interior: Invest in the property that can be used for multipurpose as it helps in enhancing the returns. Analyze whether the layout is perfect for alteration so that you can rent it to different types of tenant. It will help in increasing your chances of getting the target audience. 

In many cases, you can see that the tenants take charge of the interior work like wiring, flooring, cabin construction, reception, conference room, cafeteria etc. If you see that the tenant is taking care of all the fit-outs, then one can rest assured that the tenant will be renting the place for the long term. 

  • Analyze the Market: Before you dive into purchasing any commercial real estate, it is essential to analyze the current market scenario. Research tenant finding processes, commercial tenants that provide high revenue return, financial stability, maintenance cost, brokers, vacancy rates, legal implications, lease contracts, rent etc. 

Once you’re educated and have sound knowledge about all these things, then it will help you in making the informed decisions. These things help a person to know about market trends and make a long term investment. 

  • Type of Property: Commercial real estates are of different types. We know that it is used for commercial or business purposes, but one can categorize them into five categories. They are office space, retail spaces, multifamily, industrial and special purposes. 

According to, one needs to understand and analyze the dynamics of commercial real estate. 

  • Active Participation: Jonah Engler says that when you are investing in the commercial real estate, you need to be pretty active because it is not any ordinary passive investment. 

People who want to be successful in this field needs to have an active role. Some processes and systems will help you to analyze whether the property is achieving the maximum potential or not.


Make sure you are keeping in mind all these rules before you’re investing in the commercial real estate. When you are investing in commercial real estate, you will have to think for a long-term because it involves a considerable cost. It demands a lot of research when you are investing in commercial real estate.