Kitchen Islands: Styles To Know

Kitchen Islands: Styles To Know

If you asked a homeowner what feature they would most like to have in their kitchen, they would most likely say a kitchen island. Kitchen islands seem to be the ultimate kitchen feature to have. There are plenty of reasons to have a kitchen island—extra storage space, counter space, more seating; the list goes on and on. If you’re thinking about adding an island to your kitchen, first read this guide to learn about the kitchen island styles to know.


When you think of a standard kitchen island, you’re likely thinking of the galley style island. These built-in, rectangular islands fit well in any style kitchen large enough to house them. The galley style island is appreciated for its simplicity and the fact that it isn’t too hard to navigate around. This type of island can house extra cabinetry, a kitchen sink, or even your stove.


An L-shaped island is the perfect combination of utility and style. Due to their two sections, these islands can function simultaneously as a seating and food prep area. Before installing this type of island, however, you’ll need to consider how much space you have to work with in your kitchen since the L-shaped island takes up more space than a basic design.


A U-shaped island provides even more counter and storage space than an L-shaped one. If you have the room to spare in your kitchen and don’t mind navigating from one corner of the island to the other while working in the kitchen, this might be the type of island for you.


Not ready to install a built-in island to your kitchen, or don’t have enough space to do so? Not to worry—a rolling kitchen island or cart is a great alternative to a built-in one. These types of islands give you added flexibility; a rolling cart is there when you need it but can easily be moved out of the way when you need more space to move around.


Similar to a cart, a table or furniture-style island is a good option if you need a little extra room in your kitchen or would rather not install something permanently. These types of pieces will make a charming and eye-catching addition to your kitchen setup. They often feature open-shelf storage, on which you can artistically display decorations or your kitchen supplies. If you go this route, be sure to choose a piece made of durable material.

Learning about these kitchen island styles to know will help you to choose the best style of island for your kitchen. No matter what you choose, your new island will look fantastic in your kitchen, and you’ll be grateful for the extra space it provides!

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