Landscaping in Reno Helps You Get the Garden of Your Dreams

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The garden is the place where you can turn it into a place of story, with a bold and practical design. Do you want to know how to put into practice your garden design project? Find out from the article below what you need to know before you get started and the steps you need to follow.

How to decorate the garden according to the desired functionality

Planting the garden begins with setting the way you want to later use that space as a place to relax or as a place to plant and grow fresh and delicious vegetables. Here are some ideas!

Barbecue, garden or garden shade

Building a barbecue in the garden is the ideal way to spend a weekend with friends or family. When choosing where to build the grill, keep in mind that it should be as close as possible to the house and water source. The ground on which you will pour the foundation must be well drained to avoid water buildup in around it.

Then set the size of the barbecue, pour the foundation and lift the supporting walls using bricks or blocks of BCA. Build the barbecue hearth (consisting of a concrete slab) over the supporting walls; then you can go to the proper construction of the oven. Choose refractory bricks with a width of at least three centimeters because they are resistant to high temperatures. You will stick them together with the mortar.

Above the oven leave a hole where you build the chimney. Finally, remove the excess mortar and polish the bricks. More info here.

Another aspect that you need to consider is eliminating the risk of a fire. You do not have to build the grill near the wooden fence or tree branches, as they can jump sparks that will cause damage.

Besides the garden grill, you can also choose to build a wooden arbor, which will prove useful on rainy days. Additionally, it is the ideal place to relax, away from the intense rays of the sun.

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Pond or garden helix

Setting up a pond in the garden is not a challenging project, and you can do it yourself with little skill. The first step is to choose the right place to place it. An ideal is a shady place, away from direct sunlight.


To create a playground for children in the garden, you do not need a lot of space, but just a little creativity and skill. The playground must be colored and detached from the storytelling universe so as to stir up the interest of the little one and encourage him to spend more time outdoors.

You can build a wooden house yourself, or you can buy one already assembled from wood, or plastic. Choose a high-pitched box so you can mount a slide and a staircase to encourage the little ones to move.

Another idea is to mount a swing or rocking chair, a mini-basketball court, a trampoline, a sandbox or a hammock where the little ones can rest after a few hours of play. For hot summer days choose an inflatable pool.

When decorating the playground in the garden, use as many colored objects as possible. You can even search for a few purposes with their favorite cartoon characters so that you can get even more interest in the playground.

Also, make sure the playground is clean and safe from dangers. Seek out help from experts on landscaping in Reno. Make sure the objects used do not have sharp corners, and if you can not arrange the playground directly on the grass, install the rubber tiles on the ground.

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Outdoor kitchen

For a summer kitchen in the garden, you have two options: you can build it as an extension of your house or individually in your favorite garden area. Just like any kitchen, you should not miss your workspace, a sink, a stove or an electric hob, some storage areas, a dining area or even a fridge.

If you want to build a rustic kitchen, you can choose to make a wood-fired oven. The decorative stone, complemented with wooden elements, is ideal for this type of outdoor kitchen.

It also takes into account that outdoor kitchens must be connected to all utilities (water, gas and electricity). If you do not have the necessary experience, you can call a specialist to carry out all these work. More ideas on how to set up an outdoor kitchen can be found here.

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