Learn About Copper Roofer In Stockholm

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We all want to live in a better home than what we have right now. There are just a lot of things that we want to improve in order to have a better living experience. It might be any part of the house. The plumbing might be frozen because of the long winter. The heating and ventilation system might collapse due to the extreme temperatures. You might even want to change some of your furniture because they might already be damaged or outdated. However, some parts of your house just need to have a new lease in life. The roof, for example, is one of the most important parts of your house that needs to be updated.

What Can Be Used To Build A Roof? 

There are many materials that can be used for roofing. For example, shingles are one of the most popular options here in the West. It can be formed using various materials like clay and stone. These days, metal shingles are also available as well as advanced technology like solar panel ones. Read more about solar panel here. However, these are quite rare in most cities and they tend to be combined with other shingles. Metal sheets are also popular amongst those who cannot afford these shingles as they are easier to make and use. However, some places that experiences extreme temperatures may not opt for these thinner metal types. You might need something a bit more than that.

Metal roofs in general are one of the best materials that can be used for places which experience the extreme cold. Thicker metal can combat these temperatures because of their ability to keep the heat inside of the home. This will make your household use less energy, and you don’t have to keep the heater on at all times. However, not all metal roofs are created equal, as there are some metals which can help in keeping the heat in more than the others. Here in Stockholm, one of the most popular materials to be used for roofs is copper.

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Copper Roof Is The Stockholm Standard

Although this is not inherently just found in Sweden, copper has been the mainstay for most buildings and structures here especially in Stockholm. Even the palace of the royals has a copper roof because one of the previous kings, Johan III, perceived them as safer than the traditional ones at that time. Indeed, this was true as copper was less prone to catch fire. It is also one of the most durable metal materials in the world and can handle both heat and cold. It can withstand other natural phenomena like heavy rains, hail storm and even the occasional blizzard.

Another advantage of this material is its timelessness. It was said to stay for more than fifty years, and you don’t have to adjust the fastenings as often. This is because its malleability is relatively low, so you just have to check after a bad heat wave or other natural events. Copper does not corrode very easily as well, and it forms another color after it has been exposed to the elements for some time. The reddish color most of us are aware of with copper turns to light to heavy green called patina. They look quite beautiful and some homeowners actually design their roofs to have this color already.

However, copper has a couple of major drawbacks. For one, it can only be installed by an experienced takläggare Stockholm has to offer. This is not a joke because it can be quite difficult to deal with copper material. Fastening and attaching it to your foundations are some skills that only experienced roofers can provide. This leads us to the next problem: it can be quite pricey. As you need to hire a specialized roofer for this one, it can cost you along with the materials. Even with all of its positive attributes, copper does not come at a modest price.

On the other hand, it is all worth it even if you don’t have the whole thing in copper. You can just arrange for your roof to be partly copper and the rest into a different metal. This cuts some of the cost and it is the norm these days when it comes to copper roofs. Its eventual color change along with its durability is already a selling factor to many would-be homeowners.