Less Than Two Months Left For UssCyber WFCE

UssCyber announces to take its World Sports Coin Exchange program around the world in 80 days. The company has announced that the projects are to be taken all around the world to different continents and introduced in the sports leagues of different magnitudes. 

The first project launched in the series of many to come is the WFCE. World Football Coin Exchange is a priority with the Team of UssCyber and they have decided to take their first in the line project to reach the corners of the world by distributing coins to different continents. The largest share is given to Europe which is 48%, the rest is divided between the remaining continents. Asia and Australia are collectively given 19% followed by Africa that has a total of 15%. Next in line is South America which is given 13% while its neighboring continent is only given 5% which is the least amount of coins. 

The distribution is on the bases on the clubs of the sport each continent has. The company has decided to allot 50 Million tokens to be sold per club and 25 Million to keep in storage. In the initial stages the company has decided to only target the teams playing for the major leagues. 

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