Lesser-Known Side Effects of Smoking on Your Health

Lesser-Known Side Effects of Smoking on Your Health

Everyone’s seen the scary advertisements regarding smoking on television. Yet, millions of people still smoke around the world. Perhaps reading about the lesser-known side effects of smoking on your health may convince you to stop. You may not develop a life-threatening disease. However, you can still experience symptoms that will change your life.

Weakening of Bones

Smoking cigarettes regularly will cause your bones to weaken. About 20 years ago, researchers found that people who smoke are at a high risk of developing osteoporosis. More recent studies have found that smokers produce high amounts of proteins that increase the levels of osteoclasts in the body. Osteoclasts weaken bones over time. If you want to remain as strong as possible as you age, you should consider quitting immediately.

Less Bladder Control

Thousands of people deal with urinary incontinence, though most don’t like to discuss it. Individuals ought to know that smoking affects bladder control. To begin with, cigarettes contain chemicals, such as nicotine, that can irritate your bladder. Moreover, a persistent cough puts unnecessary pressure on a person’s urinary tract, which may cause leaks more frequently. Those who don’t want to deal with these kinds of problems should consider stopping smoking.

Yellow Teeth & Loss of Taste

If you’re proud of pearly whites, you must stay away from cigarettes at all costs. The chemicals in cigarettes can permanently dye your teeth yellow—no bleaching products will be able to fix the discoloration. Another lesser-known side effect of smoking on your health is that it could affect your sense of taste. Over time, your taste buds will be unable to do their job because they were exposed to too many chemicals.

Quitting smoking is hard, and you’ll need support throughout the journey. Yet, this article has shown that even though it’s difficult, it’s necessary for your overall well-being. Speak to a doctor and fellow quitters today so that you can get on the right track. Remember, it’s never too late to fix a bad habit.