Life After Divorce? Start With Your New Home


Divorce signifies a new beginning. It is a great opportunity to rediscover yourself, rekindle your sparkle and do all that your heart desires. While Pennsylvania has the fifth lowest divorce rate in the nation, the most difficult thing about divorce is moving out of the home that you spent years in. In fact, some divorcees slip into depression due to this. A new home doesn’t have to be a constant reminder of the ended marriage.

With an expert’s guidance, your home can be a source of motivation for the new and exciting life that awaits. A home should be a haven that invokes peace, serenity, relaxation, and tranquility. According to some of the best interior designers in Orange County, this begins with sprucing up your indoors as well as the outdoors. You only need to customize it in a way that reaches deep into your happy place.


Nothing will uplift your spirits better than a well thought-out combination of colors all around your living space. Imagine waking up to the bright rays of the sun piercing through your curtains, bouncing off your lavender painted walls and lilac throw pillows on your sun seat under your window. This is all while your yellow sunflowers remind you of how beautiful life is. Isn’t this motivation enough to get out of bed and make the day count?

When looking for a house to rent or buy, it is highly advisable that you choose one that has adequate natural light. They say that a bright room has a positive impact on ones’ soul. It’s true. Large windows, a skylight, and a door facing the sun will allow plenty of natural light. A well-lit room will instantly uplift your moods and inspire you to make a positive statement in your life. On the other hand, a dark room triggers sadness as most people associate it with dark and sorrowful things that have happened in their lives, hence sinking further into depression.

Adequate Storage

Clutter and mess will trigger stress and depression. The truth of the matter is, a neat and organized home does not necessarily need to be huge. With adequate storage, a small living space will do. The fact that this is a new residential place gives you a clean slate to start over. Only buy what you need.

The Great Outdoors

Investing in exterior decor is just as important as the interior decor. There’s no point of getting inspired and empowered by the beautiful decor indoors, only to be reminded of your troubles immediately after you step out of the door. There are various ways that you could spruce up your yard; a fresh coat of paint, planting flowers, creating a vegetable garden, trimming the bushes, and investing in some garden chairs. This way, whenever you feel caught up in thought, sadness or lack of motivation, grab a glass of wine or a cup of coffee/tea and sit on the swinging bench on your porch as you enjoy the view of your beautiful garden.

Life is what you what you make of it. It may throw you lemons every now and then but this does not spell doom. Just like any other dark cloud, this one will pass too. You have the power to decide whether it will leave you wrecked or whole. The first step towards a blissful life after divorce starts right where you call home and these incredible home decor tips will mark a new life for you.