Local Entrepreneurs Open Kitchen Tune-Up in Southern Pittsburgh

itchen Tune-Up, a national kitchen remodeling company known for five service options to update kitchens and cabinetry has arrived in Southern Pittsburgh. Meeting the growing demand from homeowners seeking to update and upgrade the look of their kitchens, South Pittsburgh’s Kitchen Tune-Up is serving homeowners throughout Dormont, Mount Lebanon, Scott Township, Collier Township, Bridgeville, Upper Saint Clair, Bethel Park, Peters Township, Venetia, Canonsburg, North Strabane and surrounding communities.

Local residents Keith and Denise Lawrence launched Kitchen Tune-Up’s operations along with the support of the company’s home office located in Aberdeen, South Dakota. The award-winning company has established itself as the industry leader with more than 33 years of success behind it.

“I have always been in project management and wanted to go into a home improvement business that would allow me to have a positive impact in the community,” said Keith. “We are dedicated to meet and exceed our customers’ expectations at a quick pace and lower cost than traditional kitchen remodelers.”

Prior to joining Kitchen Tune-Up, Keith was an engineer and has more than 30 years of experience in project management, maintenance, facility management and construction. Denise brings over 30 years of customer service to the table as a pharmacist. Their combined experience has given them the foundation they need to launch and grow their Kitchen Tune-Up business locally. 

“Keith and Denise are fantastic additions to the Kitchen Tune-Up family. We have all the confidence in them to carry on the Kitchen Tune-Up tradition,” said Heidi Morrissey, president of the Kitchen Tune-Up Franchise System. “They are exactly the type of trusted partner homeowners in South Pittsburgh need to support their remodeling project.”

In addition to residential clients, Kitchen Tune-Up offers kitchen remodeling for commercial customers. Services for both client bases include the company’s famous Tune-Up, a proprietary wood reconditioning process, as well as cabinet redooring, cabinet painting, cabinet refacing, and custom cabinets. Plus, the Kitchen Tune-Up sales process guides homeowners through the entire project.

“We are excited to use our years of experience to deliver high quality to home owners in our community,” added Keith. “You truly cannot put a price tag on the joy that these transformations will create for our customers and their families.”

While most kitchen remodeling services can take weeks, leaving kitchens inaccessible, South Pittsburgh’s Kitchen Tune-Up can finish its work in as little time as one day. Kitchen Tune-Up’s impeccable customer service standards, known as its Trustpoints, ensure a hassle-free experience from start to finish.

To learn more about Kitchen Tune-Up of South Pittsburgh, visit https://kitchentuneup.com/pittsburgh-south/.

About Kitchen Tune-Up

Founded in 1988, Kitchen Tune-Up specializes in five ways to update kitchens and cabinetry. Services include its signature 1 Day Tune-Up, cabinet painting, cabinet refacing, cabinet redooring, and new cabinets. With 221 franchised territories nationwide, Kitchen Tune-Up has been named to Entrepreneur’s Franchise 500 list in 2021. Kitchen Tune-Up offers personalized service and incredible results that are structured around customer service Trustpoints to ensure a hassle-free experience from start to finish. 

For more information about Kitchen Tune-Up, please visit www.kitchentuneup.com. To inquire about franchise opportunities, visit www.ktufranchise.com.