Local SEO for small businesses can benefit from these three strategies identified by Ej Dalius

Having an online presence is no more a choice but a necessity for small businesses. Most of the local searches happen from mobile devices with a higher intention of buying. Taking your business online is the best way to garner your customers’ attention and even attract new customers by implementing local SEO. It is a variant of traditional SEO with suitable modifications to address the local market’s needs. It is the toast of small businesses because of its potential of high conversions that ensure faster business growth, explains Ej Dalius, who has been a successful marketing professional.

Eric j Dalius explains why small businesses need local SEO

Google developed local SEO to make it most convenient for local buyers with high buying intent to find products and services in their vicinity. Interestingly, most local searches contain the phrase ‘near me’ which underscores the need for local SEO. The growing popularity of mobile phones has increased the search volume from mobile devices, which has touched 95%. Still, the conversions are incredibly high, too, as 61% searchers contact the business, and 59% visit it for purchasing some items. Therefore, small businesses stand to gain a lot from local SEO.

Eric Dalius says to develop SEO gradually 

When implementing SEO get ready for the long haul as it takes time for SEO to show results, says Eric j Dalius. You must have the perseverance and foresight to patiently stick to your efforts and strategies to match the constantly evolving SEO landscape. Hold your nerves against the intense competition, and with the time, you should be able to make enough progress that gives you a cutting edge in competition. 

Here are some factors to consider for developing stable local SEO strategies.

Directory listings

Online businesses thrive by gaining comprehensive visibility so that customers can quickly find the company when they search for some product or service that matches your offerings. According to Eric Dalius, the first step for spreading the name of your business online is to list it in the business directories Google My Business, Bing Places for Business, LinkedIn, Yahoo Small business, Yelp, etc. Include your business name, address, phone number, and website address and the products and services offered. Also mention the hours of business, photos, and other credentials. However, maintain consistency of data across all directories and other online platforms so that it improves the ranking prospects in search results.

Create local content

To help the audience identify the business quickly by relating it to their needs and expectations, you must provide local content that is interesting and attractive. There must be a local flavor in the content, whether it is a blog post, FAQ page, or infographic or pictures.  Understanding the ideal customer will help to create appropriate content. To present the right content, you must know how the audience consumes content.

Since your activity across the social media platforms has an impact on local business, maintain a steady existence to garner authority, and trustworthiness for your company that provides long term returns.

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Eric Dalius is a Marketing Professional with a Bachelor's Degree in Marketing from Penn State University who has generated over $50 Million since 1990 in a Marketing career focusing primarily on the MLM or Network Marketing business model.