Love and Fairytale Endings. Is it Just for the Royals?


By Tara Patricia, author of The Road You Were Meant to Travel

Love is in the air! While focus seems to be on Prince William and his finance Kate this week, it is a wonderful reminder for us all of the excitement love brings. But are the fairytale endings only for Princes and future Princesses? Or can we all find the true love we search for?

The answer is a resounding YES! The secret is you must first search inwardly and find self love in order to attract the outwardly love of your life. We have all had that one friend who looks for her or his self worth in the arms of another. During the honeymoon phase life is wonderful for this person. Then as the excitement wears off and they begin to see each other as they truly are… searching, the problems arise and their happiness dwindles. That is because this person has given their happiness (or better stated their need for love) to another person. In this method we bounce off one other never finding the love we so desperately search for. We all do it to some degree. Even those in long term commented relationships can see areas where they could improve.

But why does this happen again and again? You see overtime we have bought into the illusion that we our separate from our source of love. We have become distracted from the natural light, our true essence, that shines within each of us. It is this light our essence that holds the love we search for. We remember at an unconscious level how nice it was to experience and be engulfed in the love of our own light, but due to earthy distraction we have created obstacles to it. We feel this love from time to time during a moment of inspiration. (After all the word “inspired” comes from being “in spirit”). However for the majority of our time we remain distracted from our true spirit, our inner source of love. As a result we go around searching outwardly for our love connection. “Do you have my love? Maybe you have my love? Or maybe you… no oh you… you must have my love.” It is a never ending struggle we unconsciously take part in throughout our life. The secret is love has been with you all along. You never separated from your connection to love. You at your inner core are pure love. There is no need to search for it in someone else because you are love! Therefore your love and your happiness are your responsibility.

What a beautiful and freeing concept connecting back to our inner core of love. We all can agree on how important it is to love oneself yet we are typically kinder and more compassionate toward others. We beat ourselves up with our thoughts, self-talk, and actions on a daily basis. The truth of it all is simple: if we remain distracted from our internal source of love, we limit our self in loving and being loved by others. Invest time in reconnecting to your inner core. Watch the way you speak to and treat yourself. Do you have more patience with others? Are your thoughts about who you should be black and white? Do you allow others to have shades of grey? What type of negative or rigid thoughts do you have about yourself? Do you allow yourself to be human or do you hold yourself to some high unobtainable standard? Are you forgiving of your mistakes? Do you accept your weaknesses as much as you do your strengths? How do you treat your physical body? What type of nutrition and exercise do you gift yourself? Do you take time to silence out the noise and quiet the chaos of your mind? What steps have you taken to let go of fear and struggle in your life and replace them with compassion and acceptance? These are all ways for you to reconnect to your true essence of pure love.

Once you realize you have never separated from your source of love, the need to look outwardly will begin to seem unnecessary. Why travel ten miles down the road to buy bread if you already have bread inside your pantry? It is much simpler to open the cupboard door and look for the bread rather than getting in your car, fueling up, traveling through town, searching for a parking place, then going up and down aisle after aisle until you finally see the bread. Then which one do you buy?

There are so many choices, each promising to be the healthiest and most delicious. Which one is the right choice for you? Instead, simply open your pantry and look around for the bread. Perhaps someone moved it so you may have to look around a bit, but it’s in there. The same goes for your inner connection to pure love. You may have moved it around over your life, covered it with a few things, but it’s in there. Find it and you will not only experience life in deeper meaningful ways but you will be ready for and attract your own fairytale love just like William and Kate!

Tara Patricia is a respected author and speaker in the field of Self Transformation. She holds a Master in Psychology with Advanced Post Graduate Studies in Clinical and Neuropsychology.  Tara has worked for many years with families and suicidal adolescents.  She considers The Road You Were Meant to Travel to be an individualized workbook full of direction and tools to help the reader fully experience life’s exciting and rewarding journey.  To learn more, visit her at

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