Low-Maintenance Plants That Can Boost Your Curb Appeal

Low-Maintenance Plants That Can Boost Your Curb Appeal

Homeowners can boost their property’s curb appeal for any number of reasons, though it’s typically done in order to prepare the property for sale. There are many grueling tasks that go into preparing your home for sale but, thankfully, there are some home improvement projects that are just as productive as they are fun to carry out.

For instance, if you’re looking to boost your curb appeal, you should consider adding some beautiful plants to your yard. Some plants require special and thorough care throughout the year; however, there are low-maintenance plants that can boost your curb appeal exponentially. Take a look at this guide to the beautiful greenery that yields great results and requires only minimal effort.

  • Aster—This perennial flower can bloom with petals that sport eye-popping colors like pink, purple, and red, all of which have a bright yellow center.
  • Astilbe—This is another perennial that grows a tall, thick stalk from which bright red, pink, or white plumes sprout.
  • Chamomile—At the top of the long, thin stem is a bulbous yellow flower surrounded by white petals. It looks beautiful, smells great, and is a great ingredient for making tea if you’re up to the task.
  • Chrysanthemums—Typically called “mums” for short, chrysanthemums grow in a round shape that truly makes your garden seem like it’s exploding with color. If you choose single petal mums, you’ll get a beautiful, disc-shaped flower (often yellow, orange, blue, purple, or green). However, pom pom chrysanthemums have a more rounded shape, hence the name “pom pom.”
  • Daylilies—Lasting for years and requiring very minimal maintenance, the flowing petals of this famous flower can come in various colors and unique shapes (star-shaped, spider-shaped, ruffled, etc.)
  • Hosta—This broad-leafed, funnel-shaped plant can come in small or large sizes. Though typically green, hosta plants can come in additional vibrant colors such as blue and gold, with small flowers sprouting from within.
  • Salvia—This perennial is a spire of vibrant flowers that grow on a long stem, sticking out from a bundle of large green leaves. Due to its nectar and fragrance, salvia will attract bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds.

Although these are low-maintenance plants that can boost your curb appeal, you have to do some research beforehand to ensure your property can sustain them. Once you find some plants that appeal to you, research how to care for your flowers with information such as their sun, soil, and water requirements. Don’t worry—it’s just as easy to learn as it is to do.

This is important because if you buy a plant that requires full shade, but you don’t have the means to provide shade in your yard, the plants won’t thrive. With the right precautions in place, you can introduce these plants to your property and allow them to thrive and bloom to their full potential.

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