Make Valentine’s Day Special at Any Age


One of the most amazing things about being alive is being in love. And while Valentine’s Day is the one day of the year that we get to openly celebrate our love with flowers, candy, hearts, and fancy dinners, it also a reminder that love changes as we age. What was important to a couple in their 30s is not what will be important to them in their 60s. As we get older, love becomes about different things and it’s important to celebrate that love, no matter what age we are. We’ve put together a guide on how you can make Valentine’s Day special at any age. 

In Your Teens

First loves are the best, aren’t they? Everything is so new and exciting. Those butterflies you feel as you pass each other in the hallway between classes is as real as it gets when you are in high school. So if you are celebrating Valentine’s Day with your high school sweetheart this year, try to do something other than the traditional teddy bear and chocolates. Take your sweetheart on a hike, go to a painting class, or watch terrible romantic comedies while eating homemade pizza. 

In Your Early 20s

Love in your 20s is very different than high school romances. You’re at the age when people are going to start asking you when you’ll settle down. Settle down? I just graduated from high school for crying out loud! Be prepared. If you are in charge of planning Valentine’s Day celebrations, plan a couples massage, take a road trip out of town to try a new restaurant, or check out an indie band at a club you both really like. 

In Your 30s and early 40s

With so many couples waiting to have children – if at all – Valentine’s Day in your 30s might be filled with yams spread all over the table and screaming kids in your ear. If you are celebrating the day of love with kids in tow, take yourselves to a kid-friendly restaurant where the kids can wreak havoc and you don’t have to feel guilty about it. If you’re without little ones, plan a weekend getaway for the two of you and sleep in. Give a Valentine’s Day card that expresses how you feel. People love to receive gestures of kindness. 

In Your late 40s and 50s

By now, some of your kids may be gone and things might be a little lonely around the house. Why not spruce things up a bit and out for a night of dancing together. Try taking a dance class together if you aren’t big on dancing. It’s good for the heart and soul. 

In your 60s

Just because you’re over the hill doesn’t mean you need to stop anytime soon! Couples in their 60s are doing more than ever. With more people continuing to work later in life, take time this Valentine’s Day to rest and unwind. If you’ve got time and your budget allows for it, why not take a train ride to a neighboring city to see a show or play. Adventure brings out the youth in all of us. 

70 and Beyond

Celebrating Valentine’s Day into your 70s and beyond is a wonderful thing. Couples may slow down a bit at this age, but the quiet comfort of each other’s company is often more than enough to make every day of the year special. Consider sharing a nice meal, visiting with those who might be alone on Valentine’s Day, or spoiling yourself with a vacation. 

Regardless of your age, Valentine’s Day is a day to celebrate all the love in our lives. If you are spending the day of hearts alone, invite some other singles over for trivia night or take yourself out for dinner and hold your head high. You are loved. You might not be in love, but that doesn’t disqualify you from getting to celebrate this day designated for couples.