Marijuana Transporation Laws. How to Travel on a Car with Some MJ on a Board?

Traveling by car through the United States can be truly exciting and memorable, especially if you bring along a little relaxing and stress-relieving cannabis blunt. Laws in different states can differ dramatically, so when crossing state lines carrying weed in the car,  you need to know whether you should hide cannabis under the seat (or prepare all necessary documents and 420 evaluations to avoid questions) or you can move around freely without fear of annoying law enforcement officers.

Smoking weed in car restricted among all US states. Concerning the storage of marijuana in a car is a completely different matter, because, at the moment, many states have successfully decriminalized cannabis as a therapeutic or recreational drug. In such states, every resident can freely buy and store defined by law amount of healing or recreational weed. However, controversial issues remain regarding state border crossing — completely different laws may apply in different states regarding the transport and storage of marijuana and CBD-based substances. Before you go on a trip or a business trip, carefully read the information on the legal grounds for being in the territory of a state, driving with weed.

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The Official Law Attitude to Cannabis Transportation in a Car

The main benefits and useful hints of traveling by car with marijuana:

  • In one of the most liberal states regarding marijuana use — in California — it is allowed to carry 1 ounce of cannabis inflorescences or 8 grams of concentrate or marijuana oil with you (this rule affects weed cars transportation). While transporting weed around the country by car, be sure to study the policies of the states through which the route runs regarding the import of marijuana. Recently, many states have significantly liberalized cannabis policies, but available for freely transport weed maximum quantities may differ from state to state. So that you don’t have any special problems when crossing the state border, try to take with you a little less than the usual norm of medical or recreational cannabis — if necessary, you can use the services of specialized pharmacies or mobile dispensaries in one of the large cities;
  • Follow «the Сlosed Box Rule». In California, as in many other states of the United States, there is a rule according to which any food or medical products must be stored in a closed container during transportation. Before going on a trip, be sure to double-check all the locks and stability, for example, flowerpots with living marijuana plants, or the absence of visible indications of cannabis transportation. You should not hide marijuana if you have permission to transport it, but packs with jambs should not be stored in the passenger compartment either. There’s no need to hide weed in a car, but all your private medication stuff should remain private;
  • When traveling by car around the country, try to pre-book a place in a motel that is positive about cannabis use. During an exciting trip, it will be extremely unpleasant to rattle behind bars or a fine if you decide to relax with a joint after a long journey. Certain services on the Internet, as well as the functionality of many applications, allow you to determine the most loyal to the use of marijuana motels;
  • When using marijuana, first try not to do this in the car — it is provocative in any case. In addition, follow your moral standards and generally smoke marijuana in places specially designed for this — avoid playgrounds, schools, catering establishments. Having parked on the side of the road and lit a jamb, you can accidentally put an end to the whole trip if you are fined by police for violating public order;
  • Know your rights. Even if you are stopped on the road or on the street and asked to show the contents of the trunk — and there just peacefully lies a fresh variety of cannabis — you have the right to refuse them. It is better not to get involved in problems if you do not want to waste time and money. Many experienced drivers recommend using the simple «Four Answers» rule:
    • «Am I free to leave?»
    • «I do not consent to searches.»
    • «I want an attorney.»
    • «I’m invoking my right to remain silent.»

Clear and comprehensive answers to questions of law enforcement officials will allow you to level out a conflict situation and avoid prosecution, fine or banal search of personal items. 

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What Not to Do While Traveling with Cannabis by Car

  • Never smoke while driving. In the event that you are stopped while lighting a jamb with marijuana, the road patrol or the police will not stand on ceremony with a fine or your detention. If you have a free minute while traveling, it is better to stop somewhere in the campsite and engage in your «High-Meditation» there, without creating emergency situations on the roads and without putting your attention to sleep;
  • Crossing the state border, having cannabis in your luggage, you will not succeed. Federal law prohibits the export of marijuana or CBD substances from the United States;
  • In the event that you are professionally engaged in growing marijuana or working for a company involved in this field, it is best to keep all related documents and MJ production in a single box or suitcase. In a case of a police checking, you may just show the necessary travel documents or other documents confirming your right to carry marijuana with you as, for example, an advertising product or a sample of the company’s products. After brief checking, all questions should disappear. Surely, you can search for the best place to hide weed in car — but better to pack all related things and documentation pack all in one commercial and presentable baggage;
  • Try to circumvent the national parks and reserves. In the event that you are convicted of smoking a marijuana ranger, in most cases you will have complete confiscation of all cannabis — rangers have the right to confiscate any prohibited substances within the territory entrusted to them. 

Conclusions and General Recommendations

Crossing the state border by car, most likely you don’t have to go through the inspection of personal belongings and other procedures associated with crossing the federal border. Nevertheless, you should remember an important aspect — almost every state has its own policy regarding the right to transport marijuana, so when planning a tourist or business trip, be sure to specify the rules for the transport of marijuana and CBD-based substances in each state you’ll cross.

If you carry an impressive amount of marijuana with you, then try to pack everything in one suitcase or bag, including supporting documents or medical recommendations for use. In this case, even with a random search, your medicines will look presentable, and not resemble a cache hidden under the driver’s seat for smuggling.

If you have any questions, remember that you have the right to refuse inspection, but this is undesirable. If you don’t have the relevant documents to confirm the legal right to carry a certain amount of marijuana with you, then the authorities may confiscate it and detain you until the circumstances are clarified. When communicating with government officials, be polite and, as a last resort, focus on diversifying different states’ legislative terms regarding marijuana. In any case, remember that in almost the entire territory of the United States, the attitude to cannabis is very liberal, so if you don’t bring a whole small farm with you, then you should not have any special problems. The main thing is to observe the norms of behavior in public places and not try to hide the fact of possession of marijuana in the event of being detained by law enforcement officials.

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