Mechanical bump gates are a viable alternative to electrically operated automatic farm gates

The automatic opening of farm gates is the most desired option but often not feasible because of the non-availability of electricity. Electric powered automatic farm gates are well-known and most suited for the main entry and exit gates, but it can be challenging to install it between the fields if there is no electricity.  However, there are ways to overcome the problem by installing mechanically operated farm gates at any place that can open and close automatically in the same way as electrically operated farm gates and provide the same kind of convenience. Once you install the automatic gate, also known as a bump gate that runs without electricity, you can drive through the gate without stopping as it opens automatically and then closes on its own once the vehicle passes through.

Touch and go

The working of bump gates is simple. Here the gate that usually remains closed opens when any approaching vehicle touches the gate gently, thereby activating the gate opening system to allow the vehicle to pass through. The electric gates use sensors and activate the gate opening system as soon as any vehicle approaches the gate. The opening system of bump gates activates a bit late until there is contact between the front of the vehicle and the gate. However, this does not impair the functionality because as soon as the vehicle touches the gate, it starts moving backward, making way for the vehicle to pass. Since bump gates do not use electricity, it appears to be a more versatile solution to farm gate automation as you can install in very remote places too.  

Convert your existing gate into bump gate

It is not necessary to replace your current farm gate with a mechanically operated bump gate because you can upgrade any tube gate into a bump gate by fitting an upgrade kit to it. Therefore, the cost of installing bump gates is much less than electrical gates. They use sophisticated technology and need some accessories to facilitate its operation.  You will be surprised how easy it is to convert your existing swing gate into an automated bump gate. Once done, you will enjoy the same benefits of gate opening that you derive from electrically operated but almost at a fraction of the cost. Contact a reliable bump gate company to know more about bump gates that are fast gaining popularity.

Why bump gates are better than electrical gates

Electrical gate openers use sophisticated technology, and there are chances of disruption in case of a power outage. Besides spending some good money to install electrical farm gates, you must also have a standby arrangement like an attendant to see that the operations do not halt due to technical problems or power outage. This can effectively increase the operational cost and maintenance cost of these gates is also a factor to consider.

You can effectively address the shortcomings of electrically operated automatic farm gates by installing bump gates driven mechanically as you do not have to depend on electricity. Besides the installation kit, you do not need any accessories which keep the investment low, and the system requires very little maintenance except for occasional cleaning and lubrication. You can retrofit your existing swinging gate with a mechanical kit to convert it into a bump gate. Still, you must always install a new electrical gate as there is no scope of retrofitting, which makes it a very costly affair. 

How bump gates work

The bump gate usually stays latched and locked in a closed position. As soon as the bumper of an approaching vehicle touches the gate, the mechanical system starts working and releases the latch or lock, thereby allowing the gate to swing freely. Since the vehicle is in motion, it keeps moving forward at a very slow speed that matches the gate opening speed, and as the gate keeps moving backward to expand the gate opening, the vehicle can smoothly cross over. Once the gate opens fully, it stays in that position held back by a latch until the vehicle clears its way and then the latch releases, thereby allowing the gate to swing back to its closed position once again.  On looking behind from the vehicle, you can see that the gate closing behind you in the same way it had opened.

Compatible with any vehicle

Bump gates are compatible with any vehicle regardless of its size and weight, with the only restriction that the vehicle size must not exceed the size of the gate opening. Since the activation of the gate opening system depends on the vehicle touching the gate, the weight of the vehicle does not matter at all.  The armed pad of the gate is the touching point, which, when touched upon by the vehicle, will signal that it is time for gate opening and activate the system. Whether you are riding a tractor, a farm vehicle, truck, or any recreational vehicle, the gate will respond to touch in the same way.

Install and forget it

The best thing about mechanically operated farm gates or bump gates is that the installation of the kit is not only easy but once done, you need not attend it and can almost forget it. The beauty of the system is that its working is simple, and can withstand the weather conditions very well. Whether it is sunshine or rain, bump gates remain functional in the same way throughout the year. The reliability of operations of bump gates gives complete peace of mind to farm owners as they get back more than what they invest. Since the system operates by using mechanical and gravitational energy, there is no particular need to maintain it.

Assured and unhindered vehicle movement through farm gates is possible by installing farm gates that allow entry and exit to and from the farm while staying comfortably seated in the vehicle. The safety features of the system ensure that the gate latch remains in place even if some cattle hit upon it so that there are no chances of livestock misusing the gate.

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