Memes are replacing the online jokes and one liner

It’s the 21st century, and change is in the air! And this change isn’t just in our lifestyle, but also in our thoughts, likes and dislikes. There was a time when people used to search for online comic lines or jokes, to share with their friends online. Today, this entire process is getting replaced by Memes. And there are several reasons for that! 

What is a meme?

Simply put, a meme is a picture message which is mostly funny or quirky. It can depict a random situation or can be a satire on the present state of politics or any relevant issues.  Memes are often used to say something true, direct but humorously. It represents sharp wit and an excellent comic sense. And the youth today finds this more attractive than the one-liners and funny jokes. It is the reason why so many people search and download “Funny Memes” online. If you are one who loves to send WhatsApp messages, memes could be your popular stock. And there are plenty of topics on which you have memes available, namely entertainment, life conditions, romance, politics, government, state economy, medicines, cinema, songs and the like. 

Why are people getting increasingly fond of memes?

Most people today are becoming very fond of memes. It includes a broad audience group. Though the youth occupies a huge section, there are other people as well. Some of the reasons are as follows:

1. It provides a comic relief

Our daily life is laden with challenges. Stress is present in every quarter. Hence, sometimes people need something simple and funny to lighten up. A meme is incredibly funny, just by the look of it. And that is what people love about. It helps them to crack up and laugh their heart out, which takes away stress and anxiety. 

2. It’s completely share-worthy

Today, most people are on social networking forums and WhatsApp groups. Everyone wants to come across as witty. Or people want to share a few light-hearted posts. Memes are the best choice. That aside, several people want to create a page, especially for memes. Before you start to create your own, you can take inspiration from the existing ones as well.

Whether in Facebook or WhatsApp, memes are entirely share-worthy. It can make anyone laugh at an instant.

3. It’s a very good comic tool

Today, a considerable chunk of the youth wants to be stand-up comics. Other than their one-liners and comic set, they can do other things to share funny updates online. Memes are a great example. You can create your own meme’s as well. That way you can have a sharp say on the state of government affairs or any other issue that deserves attention, but playfully. It helps you pass the message in a sugar-coated pill.  Most stand-up comics and comic’s creator are using this tactic to make their thoughts known to others. 

Today, there’s immense acceptance for memes. Some people love to download interesting and funny memes. Many websites help you have access to the same allowing you to have your share of fun and entertainment.

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