Moving Down the Fairway: The Different Kinds of Golf Shots

Moving Down the Fairway: The Different Kinds of Golf Shots

People who want to understand the basics of golf should learn the different kinds of golf shots. On each hole, golfers play a series of shots that bring the ball closer to the flag. Each stroke has its own technique, and golfers use several clubs at each hole to achieve their desired score. Read this list of shots so you can have a better idea of what’s going on the next time you go to the course.


The drive is the first shot a golfer takes on a hole, and it’s almost always the longest. The goal of the drive is to send the ball as far down the fairway as possible. Early golfers can expect to perform a little better than 210 yards per drive. Golfers with more experience can reach over 320 yards.


Of all the different kinds of golf shots, the putt is the most deceptively difficult. Once a golfer reaches the green, they must use their putter to gently roll the ball into the hole. When putting, golfers consider how the green slopes. They must judge their aim carefully and hit the ball with just the right amount of power.


A pitch is a shot played with a lofted club that carries the ball a short distance with a high ascent. Golfers pitch when they’re about 40 or 50 yards away from the green. People often pitch to get their ball out of bunkers or away from the rough surrounding the green. There are many tips and techniques golfers can use to improve their pitching. The main thing to know is that golfers should remain centered and let their bodies rotate for extra contact.


The goal of a layup shot is to bring the ball to a more favorable shot so the next shot can be easier. For example, if there is a water hazard between the green and the fairway, a player might layup on the fairway so they can avoid going into the water.