Moving On A Budget: 5 Tips to Save Money

After buying your dream house, your first thought is how you can move in as soon as possible while also saving money. Even a simple relocation can become a stressful and complicated endeavor, costing you much more than you’ve wanted to spend on it initially. When you’ve paid for your house, it’s just clear that you want to save money on the relocation. 

Luckily, there are many ways you can keep moving costs low. It’s all about having the right plan and preparing for the big day. When you have the right mentality and approach, moving on a budget becomes a lot easier. Plus, we’ve got you covered with some tips that will help you reduce the overall costs.

1. Off-season moves are cheaper

Many want to move during the summer, mostly because it’s a lot easier to do everything when the weather is good. However, a relocation between June and September can cost a lot more than a move during fall or winter. It’s a great idea to move in the off-season period, meaning between October and March. 

Spring, and especially summer moves are costly because moving firms keep their prices high as they have a lot of work, so they keep their prices high. Lucky for you, the demand for moving services declines in the fall or winter, and moving companies need to drop their prices to keep the cash flow steady. 

You need to take advantage of this knowledge and plan your relocation for the fall or winter. Experts say that the early weeks of December are a great choice, as the climate can allow a move. There are also moving companies that you can quickly negotiate with or get a quote that works in your favor. 

2. Get rid of, donate, or sell unwanted items

Saving money on relocation means that you have to be as efficient as possible. Getting rid of all the unnecessary things you don’t want to bring with you to your new house is a great idea. However, instead of throwing out your old possessions, donate them to a charity or an organization that is happy to take them and give them to those who might need it.

Of course, the most cost-efficient solution is to sell your belongings. You can try to sell them online on Craigslist or Amazon or other sites. Organizing a garage sale can also boost your budget. Ideally, you need to get rid of the items you probably won’t miss and have no sentimental value. When you have expensive possessions that you no longer need, you’ll have an easier time getting your hands on some extra money. 

3. Use your supplies

It might be tempting to get all the supplies you need for the move from a local shop or online, but that’s not how you save money. Instead of spending more of that hard-earned cash, use the items that you have. Plus, you can go to various retailers to ask for boxes. Usually, you can get these for free. Stack up on boxes and all the free stuff a few weeks before the moving day. Also, don’t forget about grabbing as much newspaper as possible in the weeks leading up to the relocation. 

If you don’t have all the things you need, you have to do some shopping. The most cost-efficient way is to go for bulk packages and opt for sales at office supply stores where they might have the items you need on sale. It might seem like these ideas won’t save you a lot, but you’ll realize that you have a couple of hundred dollars more in your wallet at the end of the whole process. 

4. Find and rent a cheap moving truck

If you don’t have a lot of stuff and move to a smaller house, you can do the relocation alone. When you can’t stuff everything in your car, it’s a good idea to rent a moving truck. Usually, these don’t cost a lot so that you can fit it in your budget. Once you have the truck, ask around friends and colleagues, and hopefully, some will spare a few hours to help you. 

However, don’t forget that renting a truck means that you have to pay for it at an hourly rate. The best strategy for you is to have everything packed and organized, so when you arrive, you can quickly put everything in the truck and head for your new home. You can save a lot of money this way, as you’ll only have to rent the truck for a few hours, and not half a day or even more. 

5. Hiring a moving company

It’s still a misconception that moving companies ask for a lot, even for the simplest services. If you think ahead, plan the move a few months before the big day, make it happen during winter, and find the right moving firm, you won’t have to worry about spending a small fortune on the relocation.

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