Must have technologies for seniors

“Technology made large populations possible, large population now make technology indispensable”

-Joseph Wood Krutch

Over the past few centuries, technology has been gaining its momentum. During the process, a few setbacks happened, still evolution of technology remains inevitable and as a result, our generation eye-witnesses the embodiment of enormous achievements of science and technology. We all live in a world where almost everything is technology and we can’t sustain a moment without the presence of it. Undoubtedly, it enriches our life with many potent opportunities. To mention a certain impact radius of modern age technology, senior citizens community get to have a much-improved lifestyle. In recent times, aged people have been accepting the use of technology at a rapid rate compared to what they were doing a few decades ago.


Perhaps the most convenient mode of searching and finding. The Global Positioning System certainly lends a hand in many areas, viz. you need to find someone’s house or a cafeteria or in an emergency, you need to rush to your nearest hospital in minimum possible time – all these scenarios will surely take a bit of extra time without GPS. The Advanced Communications Law and Policy Institute illustrates a report that 53 percent of seniors use the internet to find information about health care and medical issues.

Wireless internet

Many countries are well-equipped with free Wi-Fi services all around its cities though almost every cell phone bears the wireless internet system within itself. Today no information is limited to any one particular. In fact, it has become global. You might need to use the internet at once at a remote place far away from your workplace or home and thus wireless internet is almost invaluable in today’s world.


At this later stage of your lifespan, you tend to remain at home a bit more than your previous years. Yet you might want to explore for a new partner that you are long prolonging and you’ve met someone from DoULikeSenior. And at this point, Skype offers you to video call that precious someone. Also, you can sort your work-related importance via video conference on skype.


Might be the most integral accessories of all that one carries when he/she goes out. Without smartphone, we may not be able to sustain a few hours. Be it a habit or necessity, smartphones

have become the most used technological advanced device all across the globe. This particular device allows you to operate almost all essential internet systems via a singular device. Seniors now can stay connected to their closed ones in their good and bad times. The Pew Research Center reports that 4 out of 10 senior persons have a smartphone.

Senior Citizen App

With all these smartphone owners, it was highly inevitable that many apps will be emerged that are only programmed and suitable for senior citizens. Amidst various preferences, medical apps like blood pressure monitor, Pillboxie, Good RX; stay connected apps like Tapestry, Skype and entertainment apps like iBooks, Kindle, NPR One, etc. become more popular than others.

Food Delivery Services

After 55 or 60, you certainly cannot eat anything and desire to consume it without any health issues. So, you have to choose your everyday meal very carefully. If you’re a diabetic, you’ve to prefer your meals according to that; if you’re a cardiac patient, you need to choose your eatables very carefully. Also, some individuals carry certain chronic illness. For some people, this mode is not a luxury one and those who depend on it can get homemade or restaurant made food at the doorstep within few minutes.

Hearing aids

An intriguing and critical tool to have for those elderly who’re unable to listen clearly or not at all. Hearing aid portrays as one of the pioneers of the digital symphony world. Approximately, one in three people between the ages of 65 and 74 has hearing loss. So, take proper and early care to visit doctors and if needed acquire an apt hearing aid via thorough researches and expertise.

Technology assuredly enhances the dark areas of an elderly and it most evidently eases the life of senior citizens with the simplest of its upgrades.

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