My New Method Seven Glasses Are Just What I Needed!

As a relative newcomer in the indoor growing sphere, I’m interested in growing vegetables, as I have no outdoor garden of my own. So, after a recommendation from a friend who’s something of an expert on the subject, I went with some really nice Metal Halide lamps and some Method Seven glasses to protect my eyes.

Before I started on my horticultural journey, I had no idea that light could be so damaging to your eyes, so of course, when I found out, I followed the advice and got the protection I needed. That said, it wasn’t until I actually wore them for their intended purpose that I realised what sage advice I’d been given.

Adequate Eye Protection

The first time I turned on my shiny new metal halide lights, they were interesting and as a result, I looked into the bulb for a little too long. After this, it took me 20 minutes to be able to accurately discern color again, so it was immediately obvious that I should have been wearing my new Method Seven glasses. 

This inspired me to take a look at what would happen were I not to wear them on a regular basis when pursuing my passion for indoor gardening. The list of possible temporary and permanent side effects were actually quite worrying!

Continued exposure to grow lights can apparently cause:

  • Eye strain
  • Blurred vision
  • Cataracts
  • Macular degeneration
  • Damage to the retina

It’s the blues and the red parts of the light spectrum that do most of the damage, particularly as the cornea is pretty useless at preventing blue light from getting to the retina. They’re vital for plant growth, but not great for your vision.

A High Quality Product

The Method Seven glasses I went for were the Operator MH+ specs and even though they only cost me $75, I could tell they were quality from the moment I put them on. Sure, they had nice aesthetics and lightweight, modern design, but it’s what they did for my eyes that stood out the most.

The glasses I went for were created in collaboration with Carl Zeiss and whilst I’m no optics expert, I know that they’re a name of great repute. Having previously squinted for a few seconds, I felt the relief of the polycarbonate lenses straight away, allowing me to see properly again in this unique environment.

They wrapped around my head completely too, so I had total protection, with not even a little of the harmful light frequencies sneaking in at the sides.

I Can See Clearly & I’m a Better Grower Too!

Since I got my Method Seven glasses, I’ve been able to see everything I’m doing in the grow room, meaning that I get to see the exact hues and tones of my precious veg! They’ve actually made me a better grower, as I’m able to spot minor problems nice and early.

They’re pretty cool-looking too, so I’m able to wear them outside as sunglasses, giving me all the UV protection I need when I’m out in the sun. This dual purpose makes them even better value than I thought they were to begin with.

So, if you want the very best for your eyes and your plants, my humble opinion is that you try the same company I did. I’m certain that once you put them on, you’ll know I was right on the money! What you do is complete your bag, of course, but take it from someone who’s worn them – they’re super and well worth buying. 

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