Need a makeshift dancehall? Portable sports floors are the solution

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If you are looking for a solution to create a temporary venue for a sporting event, a dance show, a performance or something else that needs gold standard floors, portable and temporary floors are a great solution

Maybe you are hosting a local sports event and the available floors do not live up to the standard. Or maybe the event needs a big, temporary space. No matter the occasion, you can find amazing quality floors that are easy, clean and quick to install, and that will have the same evenness, feel and sturdiness as a permanent floor. The floors will, when fully assembled, have proper shock absorption and resilience needed for sports games and other movement activities like dancing, jumping and so on.   

Fast assembly and disassembly for a hassle-free solution

When creating a special event, many factors are to be taken into account, especially when it comes to timing, flexibility and availability. Oftentimes, a temporary event venue must be created from day to day, making assembly time crucial. 

This is where portable sports flooring shows its real colors. High quality portable sports flooring should be easy and quick to assemble, making a high-quality flooring come to life within hours. 

When the event is done, disassembly should be as hassle free and easy as assembling the floor. 

A light weight solution should be preferred, as the panels will be easy to move around and assemble. Pre-assembled hardwood panels are preferably made of 100% hardwood materials, with a standard thickness of 22 mm.

Assemble on many different surfaces

A portable sport floor generally comes in two different formats; one in preassembled panels that are used on flat surfaces, such as concrete, asphalt, other flooring or even on top on an ice rink. The second version also consists of preassembled panels, but this version takes the possibly crooked surface into account. The second option includes pre-attached sleepers to even out the uneven surface, like grass, dirt and the like. The sleepers will ensure a sturdy and even surface for the flooring, creating a temporary solution for sporting events or concerts, fairs, etc. 

Flexible floors for one-time events

When you are planning or hosting one-time events, you don’t want to use too much of your time creating the venue itself. 

Therefore, the assembly of the floors should be as quick and easy as possible. 

Great portable floors have preassembled panels, that you click and lock together with pre-mounted brackets on each panel. This creates a fully usable floor in a matter of hours. 

The assembled floor has corrected shock-absorption and resilience to be used for sporting and dancing events.