Nu Image Medical: HCG Diet provider for USA

Nu Image Medical, a telemedicine and wellness provider situated in the US, has established itself as the leading HCG Diet Meals provider in the US.

Through its HCG-oriented meals, Tampa-based telemedicine provider is tackling the obesity epidemic in the States. Delivering prepped HCG meals straight to the doors, Nu Image Medical is providing quality organic meals prepped in FDA approved kitchen, and are antibiotic and hormone-free. Nu Image has two programs, 21 days program and 42 days program, both of them promising results.

On the success of Nu Image Medical’s HCG program, CEO Andreas Dettlaff said, “Our flagship is still the product we started with, providing HCG diets that are supervised by a physician, online and nationwide. People who buy HCG get so much more for their money. The practice has enabled us to fulfill many dieters’ dreams affordably and safely, opening up a new paradigm in drawing together the internet world with medical treatments. This has proven so successful that our new premises are bigger and better resourced than ever. People take their health seriously and we believe we are providing preventative care that will save individuals significant medical expenses in the long run. The fact that our programs are overseen by a physician gives customers the best chance of success.”

Working in the telemedicine industry for over 15 years, Nu Image has established itself as a secure and trusted healthcare provider.  

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