Online Marketing Pro EJ Dalius Shares Awesome Tips on Local Business Promotion

According to some studies, a majority of mobile searches for local information results in an in-store purchase. This is a very good reason why many savvy small business owners are choosing to spend time and effort on local SEO. However, for best results, you need to do local SEO right, which is not always very easy. Top tips for making your local SEO succeed in generating footfalls to your store:

Stake Your Claim to All Business Directories 

Business directories are among the first things online searchers refer to for local stores or services. The first thing you should do is create a Google My Business account for your business. Fill up all the relevant details, including the street address, the contact numbers, and hours of business accurately. From the point of SEO, a crisply written and informative description of your business is vital. Be sure to include the most relevant keywords, photos of the store, and compelling CTA encouraging visitors to check out your website. Also, identify other local business directories and ensure that the listing information is correct and consistent. EJ Dalius, the celebrated online marketing pro suggests on, that businesses listed in local directories enjoy more credibility and trust with potential customers.

Optimize Your Website for Mobiles, Advises Eric J Dalius

Local searches are overwhelmingly fired by mobile users. This makes it very important for your website to be mobile-friendly so that all visitors are easily able to navigate the website and read the content. In case your website takes a long time to load, you can be sure that you are losing out to a lot of potential business, considering that the threshold limit for abandoning a site is as low as three seconds. Both website loading speed and mobile optimization are important SEO factors for Google, which means that your ranking could get a significant boost if you get them right. Using the right plug-in for WordPress sites can make the process very easy. If you are still struggling with a slow website, move it to a server with more bandwidth or even a dedicated server.

Leverage Customer Reviews 

Eric Dalius says that a positive response by existing customers is a very powerful signal for both SEO and business credibility. Make it a point to solicit customer reviews and post them on your website as well as the various directories on which you have listed your business. You can get a lot of reviews by making it easy for customers to give their feedback. Not only can you request customers visiting your store to give their reviews on your site or Google My Business account, but also you can send them a “thank you for your business” email asking for a review of their experience.


You can also boost walk-ins to your store by posting high-quality content on your website as well as the leading social media platforms used by your target audience. Be sure to conduct intensive keyword research so that your posts on social media get noticed. Blogging on important issues affecting your local community is also a good method of getting your business noticed.

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