Parts of Your Home You Should Renovate During Winter

Parts of Your Home You Should Renovate During Winter

We tend to find ourselves stuck inside more often during the colder months, as snow and chill permeate the air outside. You can help fight off cabin fever by tapping into some fun projects to give your home a quick refresh. Look below to discover various parts of your home you should renovate during winter.

Add Insulation When Needed

If you can’t get rid of the frigid air inside your house, no matter how high you turn the thermostat, you may need to add extra insulation to your attic. Take a look up there to see if there are any visible floor joists that you need to cover, and check crawlspaces and basements if applicable. Adding extra insulation to your attic, crawlspaces, or basements can help keep the whole house warmer and save on energy expenses.

Give Your Walls a Fresh Coat of Paint

Paint dries substantially faster and more effectively during colder weather due to less humidity in the air. That makes winter the perfect time to give the walls of your home a new coat of paint. As a bonus, you’ll often find great deals and discounts at local hardware stores around this time of year.

Embrace the Cold With Decorating

It can be easy to let the winter blues get you down while feeling like you’re in Groundhog Day looking at the same home layout day in and day out. Take a bit of time and use the wintry weather to help spark design ideas to change décor and arrangements. One fantastic approach is to place candles in darker areas of the home to provide warm lighting to gloomy regions.

Change Up Your Kitchen Countertops

You can significantly improve the aesthetics of your kitchen by swapping out your countertops with more chic and modern designs. These projects are perfect for winter since you don’t have to shuffle back and forth outside in the cold to get them done. Many contractors also offer significant discounts throughout the winter months if you opt to hire professional help.

Take on Plumbing Projects You’ve Put Off

Do you have a persistent leak that’s driving you insane while you’re trapped inside? Now is a fantastic opportunity to replace fixtures and refresh the decor inside bathrooms and kitchens if the temperature isn’t freezing. Keep an eye out for water-saving fixtures and supplies that can help you save money on your monthly water bill.

Taking the time to tackle the parts of your home you should renovate during winter can be a cathartic and practical way of dealing with the doldrums that tend to come around during this time of year. As you make your way into spring, you’ll be able to appreciate all your arduous work even more.

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