Passing a Drug Test for Marijuana

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Regardless of how many t-shirts and caps you see engraved with marijuana leaves or whatever groups sing about it, remember: you do not have to consume marijuana just because you have the impression that everyone else consumes it. The reality is that most teenagers do not consume marijuana!

What are the short-term effects of marijuana use? (THC – Tetrahydrocannabinol)

– learning and memorizing issues

– visual disturbances (visual, auditory, tactile, space-time)

– difficulty in thinking and solving problems

– loss of balance

– Increased heart rate

These effects are more intense when marijuana is combined with other drugs.

Can marijuana cause you problems in school, sports or other activities?

Yes, marijuana affects memory, attention, and perception. This drug can cause you problems in school, in a sport or relationships with friends. If you smoke pot, you are more likely to make mistakes that make you ashamed to hurt yourself.

Athletes find that their performance, synchronization, movement, and movement coordination are all affected by THC. Also, as long as marijuana affects thinking and decision-making, the use of this drug can lead to the adoption of risky sexual behavior by exposure to sexually transmitted diseases. See more here.

What are the long-term effects of marijuana consumption?

Research so far shows that regular and long-term use of marijuana causes respiratory and immune system problems, as well as the appearance of some cancers.

  • Cancer: marijuana contains many chemicals that can cause cancer
  • Lungs and airways: marijuana can cause a cough and asthma attacks, colds in the lungs, pneumonia.
  • Immune system: The active substance in cannabis, THC can damage cells and tissues of the body that help protect against diseases. When immune cells are weak, the risk of getting sick is higher.

How does marijuana affect driving?

Marijuana has strong harmful effects on driving skills such as alertness, concentration, motor coordination and response time. Consumption of marijuana makes it difficult to appreciate the distance and increases the response time to the sounds and signals on the road.

The data show that during marijuana consumption, people show the same lack of motor coordination as in the case of people with high alcoholism.

How does marijuana affect the human brain?

Large or daily marijuana consumption affects those parts of the brain that control memory, attention, and learning. Working memory (short-term) is required to learn and perform tasks that need more than 1-2 steps in solving them. By reading on, you can find out how to trick the tests for pot consumption.

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Does marijuana produce addiction?

Yes. Long-term use of marijuana can lead to psychological dependence in some cases. The person is no longer able to control his impulse to consume and use pot, even if it negatively affects his relationship with his family, school performance and recreational activities.

Drugs are chemicals that once consumed change the way your body works and have effects on how you feel and behave.

When you inject a drug into the body, whether swallowed, inhaled or injected, it enters the bloodstream and goes into the body. When it reaches the brain, the drug completely alters your senses, and so the way you perceive reality, move and act is different. Because at this age your body and brain are in the process of growth and maturation, drug use has not only momentary effects but can completely change your physical, emotional, and intellectual development.

What are the effects of drugs?

  • causes addiction very easily
  • affects body organs: heart, liver, kidneys
  • causes muscle pain, cramps, pain in the heart area
  • causes hallucinations (they are seen, heard, felt things that do not exist)
  • give a feeling of anxiety, depression, high agitation
  • causes bleeding
  • can cause mental illness
  • stop height growth and body development
  • decreased ability to concentrate and ability to learn
  • causes insomnia
  • produce and promote infections
  • Causes intoxication.

The high level of the drug in the blood affects the brain and other organs and can lead to loss of consciousness, decreased body tension and temperature, coma, breathing or death. Drug possession and trafficking (sale, transport, exhortation) are punishable by imprisonment. The law allows consuming people to seek treatment without being punished.

How can you stay safe?

The safest is to avoid adopting behaviors that can put your health at risk. Here are some things to think about when you are offered or want to try something new but risky:

Learn to say NO

Sometimes the fear of the adverse reactions of friends can lead you to do things that you know I’m not ok for you. Do not let others make decisions for you. If someone invites you or pushes you to smoke, drink or take drugs, you have the right to say no, without giving any explanation. You can refuse anything that makes you feel uncomfortable.

Be careful with whom you spend your time

Stay in good relationship with your parents or other adults, because it is essential to have someone to rely on.

Additional info:

Enjoy life and what you like!

Do not add alcohol or drugs; they change the way you are, limit your potential (i.e., what you can do) and complicate your life. “I’m bored, I’m having a better time,” are just apologies. Exit and be active in various activities (sports, music, volunteering).

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