Pennsylvania’s iGaming Industry Breaks Revenue Records


Customers are flocking to online casinos in Pennsylvania, backing the state’s decision to be one of the trailblazers in accepting online gambling in the United States. During March and April 2020, online casino gaming increased 73 percent in Penn, showing that online casinos are here to stay. 

Since creating legislation to adopt online casinos, the industry in Pennsylvania has taken off. Residents in the state can now bet at online casinos and play games like roulette, poker, and slots. Finding the best casinos for poker and other casino games is easy, just click here to see leading casinos across the country. 

Revenue from online gaming in Penn has soared in recent months, growing to $24.9 million to $43.1 million from March to April. In an announcement, the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board said the online slot market has seen the biggest growth, doubling its overall revenue from $12.9 million back in March to $27.3 million in April. 

It is worth noting the slot segment of the market is worth more today than the whole online gambling market in March. Online casinos in Pennsylvania are thriving and sports betting venues are also enjoying some considerable growth. 

Pennsylvania is not the only state that has seen its iGaming industry grow massively this year. Both Delaware and New Jersey have enjoyed market gains:

  • In Delaware, the state’s online gaming industry gathered $856,182 in overall revenue in April, up 66% from March ($514,959) and triple the amount recorded during the same month in 2019 ($263,183). The state regulator, the Delaware Lottery, says online casinos and other iGaming saw its biggest month ever in April. 
  • New Jersey’s online gambling industry also thrived in April, jumping to $74.8 million across its online casino market. This was up from just $64.8 million in March, a 23.4% rise. Furthermore, the state has doubled its iGaming revenue from $36.6 million last April. Online poker revenue totaled $5.15 million in April 2020. 

Pennsylvania’s Road to Online Casino Success

As with many states in the United States, Pennsylvania has walked a difficult path to be able to provide legal online casinos and sports betting. Both were widely restricted across the country due to the Federal government’s Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA), which was introduced in 1992. 

However, despite the illegality, Pennsylvania remained a pioneer or iGaming. When it became clear PASPA would be lifted in 2018, the state too proactive actions to ensure its legal framework for online gambling was already in place. It certainly helps that Penn has traditionally been one of the most progressive states on gambling. 

Under the restrictions of PASPA, the state was unable to introduce online gaming, which remained illegal for two decades. Wasting no time, officials have reacted quickly to roll out a full online casino and sports betting industry since the lifting of PASPA. 

It seems the decision has paid off and online casinos and sportsbooks are bringing the economic benefits many predicted they would. Over the next year, it will be interesting to see how Penn’s gambling industry continues to progress in the online realm. 

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