Pet Friendly Features You Need in Your Vacuum Cleaner

As amazing and fun it is to have these four-legged beauties in your home, it would be nice if your furniture could say the same. If you have a relatively hairless dog, you wouldn’t care much about shedding, but pet owners with fuzzy and furry friends can confirm the piles of dog hair they pull out of every corner of their home daily. 

According to experts like, pet hair and odour are two main concerns that every pet owner wants their vacuum cleaner to tackle. Another significant risk comes from small allergens that can be left behind even after cleaning out the hair from the floor and furniture. These allergens can be harmful to you and your family. 

So it would be best that you go for a vacuum cleaner that has pet-friendly features, but which features should you keep an eye out for? Let’s take a look at some pet-friendly features you should have in your vacuum cleaner.

Suction Power

Regardless of the intended use of the vacuum cleaner, good suction is always a must. If your cleaner has high-power suction, then it can capture even the smallest of hairs from the tiniest of corners with ease. Pet-friendly vacuums require power suction to pull hairs from problematic fabrics like velvet, which is notorious for keeping dog hairs stuck on its surface.

Charcoal Filter

A charcoal filter is an option that is relatively rare and only available in the finest of vacuums. This filter is so valued because it can completely absorb pet odours thanks to its MicroFresh filters. It means that your house won’t smell each time you turn on the vacuum when it has pet hair in the bag.

HEPA Filter

A HEPA filter is a necessity for anyone who has family members or visitors with allergy issues. A HEPA filter is responsible for stopping 99.97% of particulates that are larger than 0.3 microns. It means that you are also absorbing the microscopic allergens that are often left behind along with the pet hair.

Head Attachments

Vacuum cleaners that have pet-friendly features will always advertise their specialized attachments. This is because these attachments are designed for the specific purpose of trapping and collecting pet hair from any surface. For example, certain brands have their own patented attachments like the HairoBrush, which is mainly catered towards pet owners.

Brush Agitator

Brush Agitators can be considered a type of attachment, but they don’t come as a head fixture. Compared to the features mentioned above, brush agitators are relatively common and come as a standard accessory for most vacuum cleaners. If you have a pet that sheds a lot, then those clumps of hair tend to get embedded in the fabric of your carpet and couch. A brush agitator can detangle these hairs making them easier to pull off these surfaces.

To Conclude

Buying the right vacuum cleaner means the amount of effort you have to put into cleaning is significantly lowered. The right vacuum cleaner will require you to move them across surfaces once to get the job done. You can easily clean up after your bundle of joy without having to break your back.

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