Pittsburgh Smokers: Isn’t It Time You Switched to Vaping?

Do you smell something? If you’re standing next to nearly one in five people in Pittsburgh, cigarette smoke is probably the thing that you smell. Maybe you even smoke yourself. The vaping industry is not new, and that means you’re most likely aware that vaping exists and have chosen not to make the switch. Maybe you even tried the e-cigarettes that were available a few years ago and decided that they weren’t for you. 

Whether you’ve tried vaping in the past and didn’t like it – or you still have yet to try vaping for the first time – there has never been a better time to make the switch than right now, and your local Pittsburgh vape shop is ready to walk you through the process. Reading this article, you’re going to learn what the switch to vaping holds for you and what it can do to make your future better. You’re also going to learn why today’s e-cigarettes are so much better than the ones that were available a few years ago.

Vaping Can Save You Money

Let’s begin with two benefits of vaping that you probably already know. The first of those is that vaping can save you a considerable amount of money. With an average retail price of $8.27 per pack, Pennsylvania has one of the highest cigarette prices in the country. If you smoke a pack per day, that’s more than $3,000 per year! Wouldn’t you rather use that money to save or invest, to put toward a family vacation or to pay down your debts? The switch to vaping can easily reduce your smoking expenses by more than half. Pittsburgh vape shop owner Bradley Anderson of Vapor Connection LLC says, “my customers are always amazed when they enter my store for the first time and see how much money they can save. Smoking cigarettes is like paying money to kill yourself, and I’m thankful for the opportunity to introduce smokers to an alternative that’s better in every way.”

Vaping Makes You Smell and Feel Better

Smoking smells bad – really bad. The smell lingers in your home and car, and it lingers on your clothes, skin and hair. Are you the type who’s a bit self-conscious about your smoking habit? Are you constantly chewing gum, washing your hands and using scented dryer sheets in an attempt to keep the smell off of yourself? Switching to vaping can instantly improve your self-image. Vaping leaves no lingering odor. After you make the switch, you’ll be amazed by how much better you feel about yourself. Isn’t it time to experience what it’s like not to worry that people are avoiding you because of the way you smell?

People invariably report that vaping betters their life in every way – and one of the aspects of vaping that you’ll love the most is the fact that you’re no longer inhaling tar or carbon monoxide. You’re going to love what it’s like to have a fresh pair of lungs that are no longer coated in tar.

Vaping Equipment Is Better – and More Affordable – Than Ever

Did you try vaping around 2009-2013, when the industry was still new in the United States? In those days, it wasn’t unusual for new vapers to pay upwards of $100 for little cigarette-shaped vaping devices with disposable twist-on e-liquid cartridges. Today’s vaping kits aren’t just more reliable and more satisfying; they’re also far less expensive. You can generally expect to spend no more than $30 on a vaping kit designed for beginners today, and many kits cost significantly less than that. 

As for the cigarette-shaped e-cigarettes of the past, those are mostly irrelevant these days. In their place is a new type of e-cigarette – slightly larger – called the pod vaping system. Pod systems store their e-liquid in push-in translucent pods. The pods generate vapor much more efficiently than the twist-on cartridges of the past. They also use a new type of e-liquid – nicotine salt e-liquid – that delivers nicotine to the body almost as effectively as a tobacco cigarette. With millions of users, the JUUL e-cigarette is the most popular pod vaping device. It is also America’s most popular e-cigarette by a wide margin. You can also find many pod vaping systems with pods that you can fill yourself with the e-liquid of your choice.

If you tried vaping several years ago, you remember how difficult it was to get the devices of that time to produce truly large and satisfying vapor clouds. You’ll be glad to know that today’s pod vaping systems completely outclass even devices that would have been considered high-end several years ago. If you want even better vapor production than that, though, you’re going to love the latest generation of sub-ohm vape pens. A modern vape pen has an easy-to-fill tank that holds enough e-liquid for up to several hours of vaping. Just fill the tank, press the button and enjoy huge vapor clouds. If you tried vaping several years ago, you probably noticed that extreme cloud chasing was the sole domain of tinkerers who enjoyed building their own vaping coils from scratch. Today, you can get that same level of performance from a tiny and user-friendly pre-built coil that screws right into a tank. No electronics degree needed!

E-Liquids Are Better Than Ever

It would be hard to argue that e-liquid is anything other than the single most important factor affecting the quality of the vaping experience. Did you try vaping during the early years? Did you find that the e-liquid had an unappealing chemical flavor? E-liquids that taste like chemical soup are very much a thing of the past. Most of the bottled e-liquids sold in the United States are made right here and cater to our palates. E-liquid makers have worked hard to perfect the art of flavor blending, and today you can find vape juices presenting totally believable flavors inspired by the culinary world. Once upon a time, “e-liquid” meant inhaling a strange chemical cocktail that tasted like a collection of strange nutty flavors and chemicals. Today, you can find e-liquids capturing a diverse range of flavors ranging from cakes and doughnuts to fruit smoothies and ice pops. If you’re still smoking, there has never been a better time than right now to visit a Pittsburgh vape shop and make the switch to vaping. 

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